Gothic Steampunk

1 Dead Party

Leaving the cave

  • Charlotte sees a body on a ledge
    • Upon closer inspection, it’s a corpse of a Sahuagin

Skarra and Morgan go to inspect the body

  • Must swim through waist high water upstream to get to ledge

Empty barrels and crates

  • 77 gp
  • Handful of semi-precious stones worth 100 gp
  • 2 silver rings
    • One with etching of fish
  • Gold ring with matching the symbol of the tavern in town
    • Ring of the father from town

Skarra and Morgan go downstream to what appears to be a path that’s lower than the stream

  • Charlotte and Olivier follow afterward

Morgan, Skarra and Charlotte hear something echoing below

  • Charlotte, Morgan, Skarra use stealth

2 more 6’ Sahuagin (shark men) (1 has 4 arms)

  • 1 is sitting on a cobbled throne of stones pointing a crossbow at the start of the line, Skarra
    • Growls something in Aquan at Skarra
      • This is going to be fun.

Charlotte tries intimidate the Sahuagin king, but fails
King shoots at Charlotte, but misses
Olivier closes on Sahuagin

Charlotte hits 4 armed guy in the head

  • Max DAM for 13
    King is angry at Olivier, but fails to penetrate armor
  • Roars then goes into a rage
    Olivier moves and gets snapped at by king
  • Uses vicious quality
    • Does an extra 11 DAM and only takes 1 DAM for his trouble
    • 30 DAM total
      Morgan does Piranha attack, but fails to penetrate armor
      Skarra does flurry of blows vs 4 armed enemy, but doesn’t connect
      4 armed sahuagin attacks Skarra 4 times
  • Chance guard necklace create

Charlotte is reloading
King drops trident and does 2 claws and a bite vs Olivier
Olivier moves to flank with both Skarra and Morgan
Morgan uses Piranha Strike and does 10 DAM
Skarra does a flurry on 4 armed sahuagin and kills it then closes on king

King claw crits and then bites Morgan

  • Claw does 9 DAM
  • Bite does 9 DAM
    • Morgan is bloodied
      Olivier uses vicious aspect of ax and does an extra 10 DAM to king while only take 2 DAM
  • King goes unconscious


  • 29 gp
  • potion of cure moderate wounds
  • potion of protection from arrows
  • Masterwork heavy crossbow with 4 bolts left
  • Masterwork bone trident

Olivier drags the bodies to Octopus (Sea King) using rope to avoid trouble with stream

  • Sea King emphatically sense a general sense of gratitude

Dungeon is cleared and the party goes back to town to celebrate

  • Mid-Day

Summer festival gets lively after news of
Skarra gives gold ring to tavern owner

  • Free rooms for life for the party

Skarra claims Ring of Swimming +5

  • Celebration happens that night

Party joins celebration

  • Heroes don’t need to pay for food and alcohol

Pearl gathering, Fishing, Wrestling and lottery for minor magic item (1 gp cost)

Morgan tries fishing
Skarra tries Pearl gathering using Ring of Swimming +5
Olivier tries wrestling
Everyone plays the lottery

Skarra wins pearl gathering gets a choice

  • Handy Haversack or random slotless minor magical item

Minor Magical item = Scabbard of Honing
Trades scabbard of honing for handy haversack

3 exceptional food items
Tuna * HP increases by 1d6 + CON bonus
Leviathan * +1 Fort save for 24 hours
Shell fish * +1 morale bonus until morning

Olivier and Charlotte choose the Tuna for temporary HP
Morgan and Skarra take the shell fish for morale bonus

  • +1 AC, chance to hit and saves

Village Dance happens

Morgan finds high quality mermaid art to her collection

  • 1 gp
    Morgan gets a mermaid potion
    Morgan gets drunk and tries to pick up a woman
  • Settles on a couple in their 30s

Skarra shops for Blood Root ingredients

  • Needs Alchemy Kit (25 gp) weighs 5# includes basic potion book
  • Festival rates are 50 gp for 3 potions
    • Typically, ingredients are half the price of the potion
    • It takes an hour to brew a potion
      Skarra offers to help around the tavern

Charlotte buys a necklace
Olivier and Skarra buy a Ioun Torch

Olivier blows Wolf Whistle around the festival

At 10:30 everyone gets a mental message from octopus

  • A large number of undead are approaching the town from the water
  • Octopus says he will summon a bunch of lower level aquatic creatures to slow them down

Morgan tells the couple she’s involved with she’s got to deal with some undead at the festival

Olivier and Skarra report to the guards to be on alert for undead

  • It takes 15 minutes before anything happens
  • Numerous spots where the water is disturbed
  • A couple minutes later 5 heads pop out of the water

Charlotte shoots a zombie and kills it
Olivier wades into the water and kills a zombie

Morgan reloads
Skarra flurries vs zombie and kills it
Olivier kills a zombie
Morgan is still 2 rds away from the battle
The guards join the efforts against the zombies

More zombie killing

Morgan arrives

Zombies wound a couple guards
3 zombie attack Olivier and 1 crits

  • Olivier drops from 32 to 11 HP

A guard runs away

  • Skarra tells to back away to safety and kills
    Olivier backs into a pair of rocks to avoid needing to fight more than 1 zombie
    Morgan coordinates with Skarra to keep guards alive

Charlotte a zombie attacking a distressed guard with a pistol
Zombie hits Charlotte for 8 HP

Guard with a 2 handed sword goes towards Charlotte and the zombies overrunning her position
Final wave! 14 additional zombies come out of the water

Skarra tells Morgan, “Let’s meet them on the beach!”

  • Morgan steps out of the water and summons a pearl of brilliance

Charlotte tries to bludgeon a zombie with the butt of her rifle, but fails
Morgan uses pearl of brilliance against a group of 3 zombies

  • Critically succeeds in hitting center zombie
    • 4d6 vs zombie hit plus 2d6 against the other 2 zombies

Guard with 2-handed sword cleaves through 2 zombies
Charlotte’s flank is still being overwhelmed, but the odds are getting better

  • A guard goes unconscious

Charlotte uses her rifle as a club, but doesn’t do enough damage to kill it
Skarra runs in front of the two-handed sword guard and kills it
Olivier moves to help flank with Charlotte
Morgan moves directly behind Olivier

Charlotte crits with rifle butt and removes a zombie head
Skarra kills the last zombie

  • Water is still wild in some places with aquatic life going after something

Unconscious guard stabilized

  • Skarra brings him to consciousness

Captain of the guards profusely thanks the party profusely for keeping things under control

  • Additional guards will be posted overnight

Skarra stays at the tavern

  • Brews a potion for Olivier
    Olivier opts for the danger of the tavern, too.
  • Olivier takes blood root and is 21/27 HP

Charlotte stays at the fort

Haunted House Problem

  • Brothers Brendon and Brandon Dunwich

Wealthy family, very generous to start up farms and businesses

  • 2 brothers are surviving
    • 1 sibling died as an infant when killed by the nurse
      Once an impressive estate that’s now overrun and dangerous
  • Undead seen in the area
  • Delivery people are not well greeted despite being invited, so they don’t come anymore.
  • Brothers are only seen about once a month for random supplies
    Brothers have been “off” lately
  • Rude, but look much older than they really are

Olivier tells the party he’s going to scout the Dunwich house

  • 8-10 foot hedge bushes
  • Brick building
  • local cemetary
  • Steel and wood door
  • Large vegetable something behind the house
    • House has obstacles that make climbing the gates behind the house, but it would be a challenge to do without getting hurt
    • Vegetation is brittle, dry and flammable
  • Windows are shuttered and closed
  • There’s a small opening in the fence that’s big enough for a person to squeeze through
    • Charlotte squeezes through and realizes she’s in a plant maze



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