Gothic Steampunk

Double Blessing

Party has rested after babysitting

  • Marines (Witch Hunters)/ wake up party
    • Bring them to a large office/meeting hall
    • Sol (ultimate high leader) enters room

Sol’s skin is slightly golden reflective

  • Pointed, lobeless ears
  • Golden hair
  • 6’2"
  • well built
  • Intimidating presence

Sol addresses crowd about the events that happened during the babysitting

  • Reacts to account of drunk coming to the house
  • Witch likes tentacle beings as an corporeal form
    • Priestess of the insanity god
  • Offers special privileges in exchange for special forces work
    • Pulls special gear out of invisible magic box

Special magical gifts
Powder horn of shadows (Charlotte)

  • Ability to cast shadow ammunition (3x daily) caster level 1
    • 50 pieces of shadow ammunition created each casting (lasts 10 minutes)
      Leather collar for a familiar
  • Rejuvenate familiar
  • Summoner version
  • 1x daily (once for familiar and once for Arkon)
  • Essentially a better version of healing
    Countervailing Torque (Jewelry)
  • Cast countervailing (3x daily) using level as your caster level
  • 1 rd/level
    Bracelet with a pearl (Morgan)
  • Cast Pearl of Brilliance (3x daily) caster level 1

Hands out writs to show privilege

  • Buy special gear
  • Access to Stat training houses
  • Special privileges

Charlotte asks for blessings for the group

Party has the week off

  • Arkon is taking some time off


  • Full day of walking
  • Free, but risks getting hassled
    Small boat
  • 25 gp
  • Same amount of time, hugging the coast
  • Very fast, but costs 50 gp
    • 20-25 mph
    • Burns coal

Party opts to walk

  • Well worn path parallel to the tracks and the beach
  • Skarra notices unusual activity in the water
    • Dead fish around a disturbed patch somewhere in the water
    • Smell of dead aquatic life

Morgan notices it’s a rather large dead shark

  • She’s afraid of sharks, but not the dead ones

There is some movement on the waterside (away from the party)

  • It’s murky back there

Party is happy to keep walking by

Giant crab suddenly bursts from the shark and starts coming for the party

  • claws have reach

Skarra readies a throwing ax
Morgan knows it’s not wise to fight in the water
Crab moves 5 foot closer to the shore

  • Still submerged
    Charlotte uses her magic powder horn to cast shadow ammunition

Olivier approaches the crab and it comes out of the water
Morgan notice that it didn’t escape the fight with the shark unscathed

  • Left side is missing a leg
  • Another leg is missing
  • Left claw isn’t as menacing as the other

Skarra throws a magical ax, misses then summons her ax back to her hand
Charlotte shoots with shadow ammunition

  • Crab makes Will save and makes shadow ammunition takes only 1 point of ammunition

Skarra moves past the threatened area of the claw and kicks it, but no effect (miss)
Morgan attacks the left side

  • 12 DAM

Crab hits Olivier for 11 DAM and grabs him
Charlotte reloads using normal ammunition

Skarra does a flurry of blows and does 2 DAM and 2 bleed
Charlotte shoots crab for 11 damage

Skarra does a flurry with axes

  • 2 hits for 3 DAM and 3 DAM
    Morgan hits for 10
    Olivier tries to escape, but fails
  • gets squeezed for 1 DAM

Skarra does a flurry with axes
Morgan hits for 9 DAM
Olivier fails to escape again
Crab squeezes Olivier for 4 DAM

  • retreats into the water threatening to drown Olivier
    Charlotte does a called shot on the arm holding Olivier
  • 2 DAM
    • Lets go of Olivier

Skarra’s flurry hits once for 3 DAM
Morgan follows crab into thigh deep water

Party arrives at their village destination

  • Smells like oily dead fish
  • Next to some dock
  • Some of the party notices there used to be a large tube along the sea edge
    • Morgan recognizes the tube was a mature leviathan (sea serpent) over 60 ft long
    • Knows they are harvesting it for its meat

Olivier stops by the apothecary

  • Buys 2 blood root (50 gp each)
  • considers buying potion of swimming (250 gp)
  • considers buying potion of water breathing (750 gp) lasts 10 hours

Late afternoon, the party arrives at the fort

  • Sees a balloon used for scouting and visibility
  • MaryCrimson has sent orders ahead to Captain Black (local leader)

Morgan asks how Captain Black killed the leviathan

  • It was almost dead when we found it floating
    • Chunks from it’s hide don’t seem to be from another leviathan
    • None of our weapons killed it, but it died on the way back to the harbor

Celebration tomorrow night for a giant fish fry

Captain Morgan

  • Local issues
    • Fish people raiding the town taking undefended people, children, etc.
      • Know roughly where they are operating out of
      • Caves on the rocky side of the island
        • Someone was attacked approaching one of the larger caves that was used for storage
          Tavern owner was attacked, so question her for more information
          Kelp field tenders were attacked
          Seal farmers lost a child
          1 marine looking for his daughter disappeared near the caves

Local legends seem to be coming true

  • Dunwich family started this community
    • Mansion just outside of town
    • Built 3 generations ago
    • Worst luck. Children die, others go insane
    • 2 brothers are still living (both are crazy)
      • brothers attacked the last people that tried to check on them
  • Dunwich are the local boogieman
    • Once had a flock of sheep, but we haven’t seen them in months. We don’t know what happened to them

It is mid evening, so Morgan goes to the tavern to see if the owner is hot

  • Young woman (16) behind the bar looks frazzled
  • Tired and worn out
  • 8 foot diameter clam shell has been made into a chandelier

Morgan introduces herself as a “problem solver”
Skarra offers to help out bar owner around the bar

  • Ends up sweeping and carrying stuff around

Meal (soup)
Seal steak 2 sp
Ale 4 cp

Olivier finds out that the tavern keeper’s father went out to do chores and hadn’t come back

  • Daughter, Annabell, is worried since he’s been gone for 2 weeks
  • Annabell’s mother died in child birth
    • Was happy and cheerful, but is now in mourning
    • Community is trying to take care of her, but are concerned she is going to break down soon
  • Father was over towards the caverns and caves to get kelp

Skarra and Morgan also learn this directly by talking to Annabell

Party sleeps in the barracks overnight

  • Morgan finds someone to flirt with

Early morning the party leaves for the caves

  • Cliffs are overlooking a lagoon with kelp
  • Caves are nearby with sand a mostly rock along the shore
  • It was once a safe place for children, but not recently
    • Caves were used lots more before the invention of “refrigerators”

Cave is in 8 to 10 foot cliff

Morgan looks to see how deep the water holes are

Party is going straight to the cave

  • Modified by miners
  • Olivier knows there are heat vents, which means there may be natural lava in natural caves below

Olivier lights his Miner’s Lantern
Skarra carries a torch

Cave opens up into a tunnel that dead ends

Morgan and Skarra inspect a large pool of still water

  • It’s difficult to tell how deep it is
    Olivier notices Dungeoneering that there’s a lava rock tunnel
  • Narrow natural pathway

Morgan takes off her armor and dives into the water

  • 10 feet deep
  • No large opening
  • Small openings for fish
  • Morgan does see something in water
    • Finds various bones that she retrieves

Some of these bones are human bones with various sharp tooth marks

  • Arm and leg bones only
  • Shark teeth marks, but no way a shark could get in there

Party must go through the narrow natural passageway

  • It widens out
  • Takes 4x the amount of movement unless a successful escape artists roll

Skarra throws her torch down the passageway and quickly goes into the bigger area

  • Hears fish person footsteps moving away from her
  • Moves further in and sees a pole with stuff hanging from it
    • Human sized Fish totem

Oliver splits the totem in half vertically destroying it

There is water ahead

  • The water is flowing
  • There’s a human body on a shelf
  • There’s a narrow ledge along the edge of the pool
    • Difficult to walk on it, but

Skarra finds a hole high in the ceiling that’s narrow and could probably climb in

Morgan and Skarra see multiple big things in the water

  • Skarra hears something from behind and tells people that

2 – 6 to 8 foot long jigsaw sharks with a humanoid with a trident

  • Morgan and Skarra know that the sharks have harnesses on them

6’ tall 200# LE fish person is coming out of the water

Morgan knows that the sharks will jump out of the water if you’re on the edge of the water and tells everyone that

Morgan steps close to the edge of the water and attempts to stab at the fish man with the trident

Skarra can’t quite see what’s behind her, but it hasn’t revealed itself, yet and holds her action

  • Spiny fish person flops out of the hole holds a sea urchin in its hand
    Charlotte shoots spiny fish person for 8 DAM
    Skarra moves to attack spiny fish person
    Oliver moves to flank with Skarra
    Morgan hits trident for 9 DAM

Trident fish person hops out of the water and focuses on Morgan

  • fish person vocalizes loudly
    Charlotte charges forward and pistol whips spiny fish person for 6 DAM
    Spiny fish person throws sea urchin at Charlotte
  • “Die human scum!”
    • Skarra uses the attack of opportunity to do 5 physical DAM and 4 bleed DAM
  • Sea urchin bomb explodes
    • Olivier fails DC 15 reflex (5 pi and 2 acid)

Skarra does a flurry with hand axes and does 4 DAM
Morgan hits trident for 13 DAM and does her free Intimidation (failed attempt)
Trident misses Morgan
Spiny fish misses Skarra
Morgan hits trident fish person for 13 DAM and kills it

  • Would have recovered a panache if that was possible

Bone trident
Sea urchin bomb

  • 1d6 pi / 1d6 acid
  • DC Ref 15

Charlotte inches along the narrow ledge (acrobatics check DC 15) to look at the dead body

  • Older style military uniform
    • Mold on the wall burst as she gets closer (Fort save DC 15)
      • Charlotte uses Sol’s blessing, but still fails
    • Takes 2 points of Constitution DAM

Male body


  • short sword
  • Unusual crossbow with 2 bolts stacked on top on each other
    • Stinger series of crossbow
    • 2 shots or 2 shots at once
    • Same as light crossbow, but 1.5 weight
    • 10 bolts
  • potion of healing
  • potion of swimming
  • Small quartz crystal (Ioun Torch)
    • It lights up (torch) when held and it feels like it’s pulling up out of her hand
      • It starts circling Charlotte’s head

Charlotte pockets the potions then throws the stuff over to Olivier

Skarra tip toes to go to the opposite side of the water to see a tunnel

  • Sharks start swimming faster as Skarra walks above her
  • Shark jumps out of the water to bite her, but fails because she moves too quickly
    Skarra advances forward stealthily to scout… with her torch in hand
  • Finds another location with flowing water (6 feet deep)
  • Room is separated with curtains of sea weed to obstruct her vision

Olivier kills a shark then the other shark attacks the dead body
Shark bites Oliver for 3 DAM
Olivier kills 2nd shark

Everyone makes it across

  • Charlotte looks disappointed that Olivier makes it across without falling into the water

Skarra pushes through 10 feet of sea weed

  • Ref Save to avoid small cave in
  • blocked path separate party
    Skarra keep going until she finds more water
  • major waterway moving quickly
  • Attempts to jump it
    • Easily jump to the other side with 10 feet to clear

Olivier and company dig through cave in

  • It’s mostly sand and takes 6 rounds
  • Charlotte is the first one to go through
  • Sees the arrow and takes a round to understand it’s from Skarra

Two fish people pop out of the water to shoot at Skarra

  • Charlotte sees it and shouts “look out!”

Charlotte goes to the water’s edge and shoots at a fish person
Skarra crits a fish person that’s on the bank

  • 4 DAM and 3 bleed
    Fish person shoots crossbow at Charlotte
    Fish person backs away from Skarra and shoots at her

Charlotte intimidates
Skarra throws her axes twice as part of a flurry
Morgan splashes into the water and does 12 DAM to Charlotte’s enemy
Fish person would have responded with a claw attack for 8 DAM except Shaken from Intimidation
Fish person misses Skarra
Olivier gets to the edge of the water

Skarra does flurry with hand axes, but misses
Morgan connects for 8 DAM
Fish person claws at Morgan and hits for 8 DAM
Fish person hits Skarra for 12 DAM

Charlotte crits vs fish person attack Skarra

  • 24 DAM kills fish person
  • Gets back grit point
    Skarra makes a Ref Save and avoids being sprayed by fish person blood
  • Skarra pulls the body on shore and starts looting it

Olivier does 21 DAM to final fish person and kills it

  • Olivier pulls the body to shore


  • 2x Masterwork Heavy Underwater crossbow (1d10)
    • 38 bolts
  • 2x Cure Moderate Wounds
  • 5 Human Bane Bolts
  • 2x Masterwork Trident
  • 2x daggers
  • 15 gp + 54 gp = 69 gp

Morgan consumes 1 Cure Moderate Wounds

  • 2d8+3 => 12 healing
    Morgan consumes Blood Root Potion
  • 3d4+3 => 9 healing

Olivier consumes Blood Root Potion

  • 3d4+3 => 14 healing

Skarra and Charlotte cross the river and see a figure up ahead and not moving
Skarra rushes ahead

Morgan uses acrobatics to gracefully rock hope to the other side
Olivier swims across

Skarra goes into a room lit with torches burning with blue flames

  • Skarra knows it’s a lye added to change the color
  • Water is on the other side of the torch line
  • Torches represent a protective barrier or shrine
  • Seaweed rope drapes from torch to torch separating path from the water
    Skarra notices the water rippling in a ring to one side
  • Someone threw a rock in a spot

Room is a lava dome room

  • Olivier knows it might be worth harvesting for the materials in the room

Olivier attempts to smash a torch, but it’s still standing

Fish person pops out of the water

  • Eyes are milky white with a lure on its head
  • Carries a trident

Skarra positions herself and throws an ax, but misses
Charlotte hits for 11 DAM
Morgan hits for 11 DAM
Olivier hits for 12 DAM
Fish person takes a step back and casts a spell

  • 5 images that look like him occupy the same space as him

Skarra goes up to the edge of the water

  • Uses perception to see that only 1 image is creating ripples
  • Throws axes, but misses
    Fish person swims to the other edge of the bank and pops up

Skarra rolls a 20 and hits Fish person for 6 DAM and 1 Bleed

  • Images are still active
    Charlotte hits an image and now there are 4 images and 1 real
    Olivier moves into position to harass fish person
  • Provokes a bite that misses
    Fish person casts a spell and provokes an attack of opportunity
  • Olivier hits an image
    • There are 3 images and 1 real
      Unholy Blight affects Charlotte and Olivier because they are good and Morgan and Skarra because they are neutral
  • DC 19 Will save
    • 12 DAM and sickened

Skarra removes a duplicate
Olivier removes a duplicate
Morgan removes final duplicate image
Fish person attempts to bite Skarra

  • Blood frenzy
  • 11 DAM

Skarra notices the water is moving in a line towards the shore

  • warns the party
    Skarra flurries, but misses them steps back to let Olivier in
    Charlotte shakes her head at Skarra for stepping in the way
  • Charlotte moves to have a better shot
  • hits for 11 DAM
    Morgan connects for 13 DAM

Fish person attempts to bite Morgan

Big tentacle comes out of the water

  • It’s pointing at the priestess
  • Shoots an icicle at priestess
    • 8 Cold DAM
    • The torches flared a little when the icicle fired

Skarra throws her axes with big penalties because of firing into combat and soft cover
Morgan crits for 20 DAM
Fish person looks at tentacle and panics

  • Hits Morgan for 9 DAM
    Icicle hits Fish person again

Charlotte hits for 2 DAM
Tentacle goes back down under the water

Fish person bites Morgan for 7 DAM

  • Morgan is at 0 HP and falls unconscious at Olivier’s side
    Skarra steps over Morgan and flurries
    Charlotte misfires
    Morgan stabilizes

Everyone misses, but priestess bleeds for 1 HP and goes unconscious

A dark shape rises up past the light

  • Easy to identify the giant mantle and head of a squid
    • Patterns on its mantle
    • 1 of its tentacles rises up and sweeps back and forth towards the party

Olivier grabs Morgan and drags her back towards the exit tunnel

Tentacle points at the torches

  • Octopus is probably 200 foot

Olivier breaks the torches

  • Sense motive shows the octopus is happy

Skarra dumps water on them

After destroying the torches, telepathic speech

  • “Thank you. I’ve been trapped here and am weak. I haven’t been able to get out. I was recently injured with another giant of the sea. Trying to recover his strength, the fish people have been worshiping it as a god, but also feeding on it to try to gain its power.”
    Charlotte: “What are your intentions now?”
  • “To rest and heal. I’ll go out to the deep water soon.”

For gratitude: “Give me your injured friend.”

Morgan is brought back
Octopus heals everyone and removes Olivier’s sickness

  • “Asks for 2 favors… don’t tell anyone about me and push priestess in the water.”

Get a sense that it would like to give something to the party if they kept the secret of its existence

  • Dips below the water and something glows then tentacles deposit 5 things on the shore line

Sea weed clothing worn by the fish priestess

  • Large war ax
    • Wooden handle, but well oiled
    • Head is carved into the prow of a boat
    • Etching of a water scene
    • Generates a mist that makes a sound like waves
    • Simulates all types of DAM (i.e. piercing, bludgeoning, etc.)
    • Vicious +2d6 extra DAM to enemy, but also take 1d6 DAM to yourself
  • Small necklace
    • Chance guard
    • Odd bits and pieces
    • When you are a target of a spell or a random spell, 50% chance it will create a position effect
      • +2 to AC or +1 to resist a targeted spell
  • Brass scope
    • Can be mounted to a rifle
    • Look through it for see invisible and dark vision, but flat footed
    • Cast fairy fire within you sight
    • Reduces field of vision to narrow
  • metal broach (Pin)
    • Small bronze lion medallion missing a stone in the mouth
    • +1 AC bonus
    • If used as a swift action, no AC bonus, but give her and a target -3 to AC
    • End effect as a swift action, but must go one full round

Kraken offers its blessing to anyone who wants it

  • Asks for fish people corpses
  • King of the Sea blessing replaces Sol’s blessing and can understand Aquan
    • If you use Handle Animal on water based creatures get +2 bonus

Everyone takes the blessing

Priest Loot

  • +1 masterwork Trident
  • Unholy symbol worth 250 gp that looks like creepy humanoid fish person
  • 29 gp

Before it slinks into the water

  • Convey my thanks to the Bright One for me as well



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