Gothic Steampunk

Enter Demos Swift

Party Inventory divided

  • Skarra claims ring of protection and cloak of resistance in exchange for all her money
    1500 gp for each person

Madigal Skavis is the person offended while guarding the musician

Mary shows up with someone formally dressed

  • Well dressed man gives advice for trial

Human, Canin, Dhampir representatives at the trial

  • All 3 Dhampir families
  • Both Canin families
  • Merchant interests
  • General Industry
  • Military representative
  • Moral/religious representative
    • Total of 13 (10 general justices and 3 grand judges)
      • 1 grand judge elected from each of the 3 races (human, canin and dhampir

Trial happens in an Octogon room surrounded by balcony full of observers

Judge calls trial to order

Madigal Skavis vs Morgan Rackham, Oliver de Clisson, Charlotte Aulin and Arkon

Skavis was denied access to his own building, received bodily harm, his property was stolen and an insult to his personal honor

Defendants were serving guard duty at the house at the time

  • Grievance of denied access to property and property damage are thrown out

Bodily injury

  • Madigal shows receipts for minor injuries treated
    • Charlotte objects and claims it was self inflicted
      Mary mentions that Madigal used his personal physician and his claims can’t be independently verified
  • Judges say there’s no evidence that defendants did anything to Madigal and the claim gets thrown out

Stolen sword

  • Ghost touch sword is presented
    • Madigal says he has lots of evidence that the sword is his
  • Statements of the party are read
    • Arkonn is busy on assignment, so his statement is read and the military will cover his fines (within reason)
  • Oliver’s statement is read
    • Madigal got scared, dropped his sword and ran away
  • Morgan’s statement is read
    • Oliver gave her the sword and she is willing to give it up
    • Could fight a duel to retain the sword
      • Morgan opts not to contest the sword ownership and the immediately gives up her claim

Insulted honor

  • Everyone is guilty and Madigal demands satisfaction
    • Choose formal apologies or duel

Madigal makes a back handed insult at Morgan, but decides not to issue a grievance
Arkonn is exempt because he’s not here
Madigal wants Charlotte and Oliver to pay physically from the duel

Charlotte to fight Madigal’s proxy
Oliver to fight Madigal

  • Fights second

2 days to prepare for the battle

Oliver buys 2 Blood Root potions from Skarra

Charlotte fights a male dhampir named Damos Swift

  • Madigal is cashing in a favor
  • Damos has a small hand gun

Charlotte’s perception roll fails, but she knows the gun isn’t a standard single shot pistol

Duel is to submission or unconsciousness

Demos is first and quick draw puts the pistol in his hand almost immediately

  • Closes to be within 15 feet

Charlotte notices Demos has a big, stylized revolver

  • Demos shoots twice and hits Charlotte twice
    • Total of 7 DAM
      Charlotte hits shoots twice
      Demos dodges one hit
  • 17 DAM connects

Demos shoots again using Grit for extra damage

  • 12 DAM for shot #1 and 12 DAM for shot #2
    Charlotte spends the full round reloading

Demos moves in close and says “give up, you’re obviously out classed”
Charlotte raises her gun and attempts to intimidate

  • “It’s too bad your boss is such a coward that he couldn’t face me himself.”

D: “He’s not my boss. This is just return on a favor I owed him.”
C: “So he’s afraid.”
D: “That’s not the issue. I’m not stupid enough to get myself into a situation like this.”
C: “What do we do from here?”
D: “You can give up and we can call it a day.”
C: “No, you give up.”

Mexican stand off

People in the audience are starting to jeer

  • Madigal

Demos shoots Charlotte as it looks like she is going to fire

  • Charlotte spends a grit to dodge a hit
  • 2nd shot does 6 DAM to Charlotte
    • Charlotte has 1 HP left

Charlotte shoots twice and hits Demos once for 8 DAM

Demos steps back, opens up his gun, readies a moon clip and reloads 6 shots

  • Metal cartridges
    Charlotte reloads

Demos shoots Charlotte once for 6 DAM

  • Charlotte has never stop shooting
    Charlotte uses Deadly Aim and shoots once doing 10 DAM
  • Charlotte collapses and concedes

Demos Swift is well known in the dueling circuit

D: “There, I’ve done your dirty work for you. Next time do it yourself.”

Demos offers a hand up to Charlotte. Charlotte talks him up and determines that Damos is a gun nut. Demos offers tips for making metal cartridges.

Madigal is wearing a chain shirt

M: “We’ll see who’s covered in piss at the end of this fight.”

Oliver advances and misses
Madigal crits vs Oliver doing 14 DAM

Oliver misses again
Madigal circles Oliver and crits again for 17 DAM

Oliver hits for 27 DAM and vicious takes 5 DAM from
Madigal misses twice

Oliver power attacks for 21 DAM and Madigal starts cowering

Madigal feels a wash for his honor since he both won one and lost one

Mary tells the party that she has a job for tomorrow for those who are interested

Oliver decides to start working on full plate armor while he recovers from his wounds

Sol meeting

  • Mary is there

Sol comments on adventures in Southpoint
Sol mentions meeting nobility while gone
Sol has a job for the party

Knowledge (local)

  • 24 for Secdia
    Knowledge (arcana)
  • 23 for Secdia

Veil between world and undead world is twisted

  • Sol and others battled a great terrible being and entombed it
    • Still it’s presence is weakening the veil betwen worlds

Series of tunnels used on this (volcanic) island
Deeper there is a civilization (necropolis) that worshiped the terrible being

  • Go check it out

Mary is coming with you

  • There’s a party of 8
  • Primarily recon mission

Good rewards, special information and Sol’s personal thanks

  • Sol can’t go because of some kind of interference

A couple day trip

  • Get a voucher for supplies

Sol’s blessing

  • Re-roll a save (once)

500 gp each pre-emptive payment

Secdia buys 8 potions of Blood Root from Skarra
Secdia buys 4 Mage Armor scrolls
Secdia does a day’s worth of research on the mines plus an extra 4 hours into sleeping time

Morgan goes to the party house for the day for sex

On the train talk to Mary

Mary has become Witch Hunter

  • The new crew is all witch hunters
  • Demos Swift is now
    • Former Black family member that has given up his inheritance

Mines are older and not in regular use

  • Still possible to pay to explore and maybe find something to mine
  • Possible to find additional gems for blast gauntlets

There’s a store at the beginning of the mine with mining supplies, appraisers, etc.

Old Canin Sarl (silver claw)

  • Cold Iron metal claws
  • Reethos domain cleric
  • Cleric of the maiden (godess of death)
  • Death is nothing to be feared
    • Large pack
  • Friendly, open, grandpa like
    Demos Swift (dhampir)
  • Tube that shoots a canister
    • light, cold, etc.
      Mary is a ranger with a cutlass and a stinger crossbow
  • Specialized (Undead exterminator) (Only undead as favored enemy)
  • Scout and other fancy things to help deal with undead
    Human in a cloak with something poking up on his back under his cloak
  • Michael
  • Party leader
    • Stringed instrument on his back
    • Bard carrying a dagger and a small sword
    • Academic
    • Has the map

First section is safe

  • Elevator down to the next section

2 bored guards standing in front of a barred gate

  • Michael gives them a paper to open the door
    • No guarantees of rescue

Darker in the tunnels below
Walls have been worked, but rougher stone

Michael advises that Skarra and Mary scout ahead

  • Skarra hears something ahead
  • Mary sneaks ahead

Mary indicates for Skarra to turn off ioun torch

  • Multiple humanoids area ahead
    M: “Zombies are up ahead.”
  • Unforutnate miners

Skarra pulls out 2 “Dead Man’s Shrouds” to keep sneaking ahead

Mary wants to kill the zombies

Pair moves up to the zombies and Skarra draws ioun stone

Mary kills a zombie

Zombies moan and swarm

Skarra flurries against 2 zombies

  • 8 DAM to 1 and 5 DAM to the other
    • Both die
      Mary kills the last zombie

Mary and Skarra sneak ahead again

  • Room opens up and the walkway spiraling down

See light in a tunnel halfway down

  • Michael says it’s probably a mining party

Michael’s map says we need to go all the way to the bottom

15 foot wide path spiraling down

  • Railway track isn’t in good enough condition to roll a cart
  • Party travels down as a group

Michael “shhh” and looks down the middle of the cave

  • Rock sticking out from the wall
    • Creatures slightly smaller than bats are clustered under the jutting rock
    • Winged blobs

Secdia looks and sees lots of stirges 50 foot downs

Michael recommends trying to sneak past the stirges

Charlotte and Skarra do poorly on Stealth and the stirges

Michael and Demos are on the ready

Stirge swarm is fluttering and coming up to the party

Skarra attacks twice for 1 DAM and 4 DAM
Secdia does 4 DAM with blast gauntlet
Charlotte shoots for 19 DAM
Demos shoots twice, but does very little because of swarm qualities
Michael fails to use magic to attack stirges
Mary crits

Stirge are still in a ball in the center

Skarra summons back her ax and readies an attack
Morgan readies an attack
Sarl “says that there’s something else here… Something undead”

Stirge storm continues to go up in a crazy ball

Secdia uses spell-like ability Detect Undead in the direction the Stirges are coming from

  • Secdia points in the general direction of the 1 undead presence

Sarl and Demos fail to identify undead
Mary knows what it is and says there’s a Shadow coming up

Shadow floats up the wall and over the edge

Skarra flurries against shadow

  • Fumble and hits twice for 2 DAM and 4 DAM
    Secdia misses horribly
    Charlotte moves away from the crowd and fires off a shot into the air to clear it for shadow ammunition
    Sarl reaches out to touch shadow
    Demos puts his gun away and says “they can handle it”
    Mary hits shadow with cold iron sword

Shadow attacks Skarra and misses

Skarra flurries, hits twice and fumbles

  • Does 1 DAM and 5 DAM
    Morgan moves to flank and does 2 attack
  • Crits, but no effect
    Secdia uses blast gauntlet and kills the shadow

Swarm is still hovering above and the party decides to try to stealth down to the torch light in the cave wall

  • No sound
  • Torches only last an hour, so something more recent happened

Skarra and Mary take point exploring the cave

Morgan is complaining that her sword didn’t work on the shadow

  • Sarl explains why it didn’t work
  • Morgan asks for a backup weapon
    • Skarra offers her teleporting ax to Morgan
    • Morgan takes a loaner cold iron dagger
      • 50% damage to incorporeal

Skarra and Mary turn the corner and see 4 miners lying on the ground

  • Standing torches with a reserve of oil
  • Child sized shadow shape made out of black sand and shadow
    • Red eye

Mary says, “I don’t know what those are” and signals for Michael

Children are holding random objects, rocks, tools, etc.

Michael says they ware soot sprites

  • Flamable and explode if killed
  • Harmless, but very curious

Skarra enters room and soot sprites become animated
Sarl checks out miner

Soot sprite comes up to Skarra and holds out a hand

  • Gives a pebble to Skarra
    Skarra gives food to soot sprite

Michael gives copper to soot sprite

  • Soot sprite like treasure and can lead people to treasure or collect treasure
  • All of the sprites will want to give you things if you start trading
    • Most people ignore them and they get bored

Sarl: “These people had an encounter with the shadow from earlier”

  • “I can help one of the guys, but the rest could be in trouble”

Boarded up gate with the universal Danger sign at the far end of the room with the miners and sprites

Michael looks through pack and gets 2 scrolls

  • Scroll of tiny hut
  • Scroll sends a message to guards to send help

Michael uses scrolls and says help with be

Sarl uses warding salt to protect miners

Secdia sees a shiny spot in the wall

  • Finds a low concentration of mithril

Morgan plays catch with a sprite

  • Dirt clot that becomes a milky crystal

Most people play with sprites
Eventually, hear people coming down the path

Party leaves once it’s obvious that help has almost arrived

Party arrives in the bottom

  • Softer dirt that leave obvious prints

There’s a solid metal door close to the rest area and it’s locked

  • Michael opens it with a door


  • Redish brown spider with antenae
    • Lobster appearance
    • Snacking on some leftover tools

Secdia knows these are rust monsters and are problematic because they destroy metal weapons and armor

Michael tells everyone these are rust monsters

  • Fight or go around

Skarra moves into the room using Panther style

  • Rust monsters ignore Skarra
  • “I think they are harmless guys!”

Mary doesn’t want to try to communicate with them
Morgan risks going through rust monsters

  • Has chain shirt and rapier
  • Successfully makes it through rust monsters

Sarl is concerned that he’s the most likely to attract Rust Monsters than anyone else because of his heavy armor

  • Walks by without incident

The whole party makes it past without any problem

Scouting ahead, Mary and Skarra

  • Mary notices something up ahead
    • Signals for Mary to go ahead

Shriek from beyond Mary

  • “Wights!”

Morgan asks about Wight

  • Level drain

Charlotte shoots for 11 DAM
Sarl advances “Try not to let them hit you”
Michael sings to Inspire Competence

  • +2 to attack and +2 DAM
    Skarra runs up and hits wight
  • Panther style
    • Crits for 8 DAM
      Morgan moves forward and throws a dagger for 5 DAM
  • The Wight topples over

Wight comes charging out from the long corridor

  • Secdia shoots it for 3 DAM (including
  • Misses Skarra
    2nd Wight attacks Skarra and misses

Demos shoots and hits a Wight twice for 12 DAM
Charlotte reloads with shadow ammunition
Sarl moves forward and uses channel energy

  • Channels 19 HP worth of DAM damaging Wights
    • None of the Dhampirs are damaged by the positive energy
      Michael is still playing
      Skarra flurries hitting twice and critting (5 DAM, 3 DAM and 10 DAM)
  • Knock wight’s head off
    Secdia hits last remaining Wight for 16 DAM
    Morgan hits twice doing 20 DAM and 19 DAM
  • Wight dies

Something else is moving towards the party

  • Obscurred by the curve of the tunnel
  • Slow, noticeable steps

Sarl mutters something to himself
Michael keeps playing
Skarra starts moving around the corner

  • Sees something that looks more like a mummy
    • Film of dry white powder covering it, but it looks like a Wight
  • Attacks for 3 DAM
  • “It’s an albino”

Wight releases some kind of powdery attack

  • 2 CON DAM to Secdia
    • Everyone else succeeds Fort save

Skarra attempts to tumble past Wight

  • Facilitates flanking with Morgan
    Morgan moves into flanking with Skarra
  • Hits for 15 DAM
    Secdia shoots Wight for 15 DAM and makes it catch on fire

Skarra flurries against flaming Wight

  • Hits twice doing 6 DAM and 8 DAM
    • Wight falls down and lays there smouldering

Secdia tells Sarl about CON damage

  • “I’ve got white powder in my mouth.”
  • He lends use of a waterskin

It’s close to bed time

Michael checks map and says it’s a reasonable place to rest, but there’s another place 1/4 mile ahead near a bridge

Skarra runs ahead and notices a narrow cavern

  • Mine shows more iron rich walls
    • Nothing exciting
      Finds bridge and sees red glow from hundreds of feet below
  • Sulfur smell

Bridge wobbles as soon as she steps on the metal bridge

  • Secdia Knowledge (Engineering) realizes only 1 person at a time can safely cross the bridge
  • Michael also knows this and tells the party
    Sarl goes last since he’s the heaviest

Large open area on the other side of the bridge is a good place to rest for the night

Morgan asks Secdia to appraise

  • High quality quartz
    • Varying values depending on the buyer
      • Clock maker is OK, but the value for electrical product is greater (i.e. blast gauntlet)

Michael asks for cooks

  • Skarra volunteers to help season it

Sarl uses create water to refill the waterskins

Not much mining has been done here
Further down, there’s a sharp right 1/4" mile down

Skarra, Charlotte, Mary, Morgan and Secdia offer to keep watch

Morgan takes 1st watch (1 hour)
Charlotte is 2nd watch (1 hour)
Mary is 3rd watch (1 hour)
Skarra is 4 watch (1 hour)
Secdia covers the final 4 hours of the night
Everyone who didn’t take a watch is up for the 9th hour of camping

Skarra hears a large sounding rumbling of rocks

Secdia, Morgan, Mary and Demos wake up
Charlotte, Michael and Sarl are still sleeping

Secdia prepares scroll of Mage Armor and formulae of Shield

Huge fire/earth elemental hybrid climbs up from the cavern

  • Michael tells the party that it’s a fire elemental

Skarra approaches elemental
Elemental tries to speak Terran to Skarra
Skarra says she doesn’t understand Terran
Elemental in Common: “This is unusual… where are you headed?”
S: “Necropolis”
E: “Why?”
S: “Our god king requested we go investigate the city.”
E: “There have been rumblings there recently.”
S: “Do you know anything?”
E: “Yes, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to tell you anything.”

Secdia grovels at fire/earth elemental

Skarra: “If you don’t like it, take it up with Sol.”
E: “I would love to deal with Sol, but he’s too much of a coward to leave his castle. He isn’t nearly as powerful as he thinks he is… or as powerful as he has made you believe he is.”
Charlotte: “Do you ever leave?”
E: “My domain is vast and not limited to a pitiful castle.”

Michael asks for permission to pass freely
E: “OK, but it’s customary to offer some sort of tithe.”
Skarra: “What happens if we don’t pay this tithe?”
E: “You seem to be intelligent, what do you think happens.”

Secdia: “What’s your name? What should we call you?”
E: “In the common tongue, Schist”

Charlotte: “I will give you the same thing that made the things upstairs happy.”
Charlotte tosses a pebble at Schist.

Sarl asks if it’s asking for possessions or maybe a favor.
Michael says he could offer a song
Mary has no ideas
Demos is shocked

Skarra and Charlotte notice pale eyes from the opposite side of the bridge and cavern

  • Low and close to the ground

Soot sprites come across the bridge

  • one hides behind Morgan’s legs and peeks at Schist
  • Morgan picks it up
    Charlotte gets one
    Michael, too

E: “It looks like these ones enjoy your company.”
Schist keeps backing away from soot sprites

Secdia asks about soot sprites

  • React poorly to
    E: “Would you allow something innocent to peacefully exist if it cost you nothing?”

Secdia: “How large is your domain?”

Schist: “This stretch of lava through various passes actually circumvents many areas.”

Secdia: “Does it extend to Necropolis.”
E: “Yes”
Secdia: “Perhaps, there is some sort of project in Necropolis we could assist you with.”
E: “There is something. Necropolis has a valuable treasure (useful only to me) that I can not reach due to a large body of water. If you could remove the water, perhaps, I’ll let you leave.” “I lose nothing by letting you go down to Necropolis. Letting you leave to tell other humans that I’m allowing people travel through my domain is another matter.”

Michael: “I suppose it’s as good of an offer as we’re likely to get.”

Secdia makes the offer to help to Schist. He accepts. Doesn’t tell the party what they are looking for or where to find him.

Schist: “I’ll be around watching and know when you lower the barrier.”



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