Gothic Steampunk

INTERLUDE: Before Meeting the Bard

It’s late in the evening when the barge pulls up back to the mainland. Once the party is back at the Maw they are the last group to leave the barge due to them being in the best shape of the volunteers, Vix meets with the sergeant on the dock.

VIX :“Hey sarge, I see you made it back in one piece. Hopefully no one got too good of a piece of you. That is my job. “

Sgt. C: sighs What do you want Vix. You never JUST drop by to say ‘Hi.’ Just tell me what you would like me to do, so I can just as quickly tell you I can’t do that or I risk my position on the marines.”[if any of the party wants to, roll to make a perception check, #1]

VIX: “Aww sarge, you aren’t as much fun as you used to be when you were in training. Fine. Without giving the details away, I’m basically doing a babysitting job tonight and need a couple extra sets of hands that aren’t likely to be bought out or scared off. Just dealing with dhamp politics. Shouldn’t take more than a day. I was wondering if you would like to help me out. Nothing illegal this time, I promise.”

Sgt. C: I can’t Vix, I’m sorry. I really am. I think I know what you are talking about. It’s from the “Whites” right, with their new project they picked up?Vix Nods Thought so, I’ve been told that we are supposed to just sit back and watch. Plus I’ve got paperwork coming out of my ears after this mess. she gestures out towards the ocean and jumps a little seeing the group still there and blushes. Right, how about you lot. Would you be willing to help Vix out?
To Vix They managed to survive the best out of the crew that I was sent with. They seem to be able to handle themselves well enough. Plus they are the only help I can offer right now.

Vix thinks about it for a second. Sure why not, none of you have any ties to the Dhampir families right? I can tell you the details if you are interested. And it has a pretty good pay off if you accept.

Assuming the group accepts

Vix What we need to do is keep an eye on one of the Wraith families newest musicians. He’s just short on finishing up a musical piece that he is to perform at the House of Pearls in a couple days. Some of my friends have been keeping an eye on him for about the last week. Other than one or two of the minor Dhampir nobles trying to butt in and get hold of the music, it has just been sitting around in a house being bored. The musician is a bit weird but that isn’t anything un-expected. The pay is 1000 gp split between you all, plus you’ll probably get some good standing with the Wraith family. Just would need you overnight. Interested?

Sgt Crimson interrupts:_Assuming you don’t get me in trouble with my bosses or the city I’ll match her pay for you. Honestly I don’t think they payed you enough for the crap you had to deal with out there. There is a reasonable amount of supplies at the staging area that we can probably use again. Let me check something quick. She walks back to one of the marines on the barge

Vix: _Right. Here’s the address for the house. I’ll see you at sundown. We can go over any other info that we need to then. Hopefully it will be a quiet night. Still, you may want to get some rest tonight and any gear that you want or need. Food and lodging will be taken care of once you get to the house. _

Sgt Crimson comes back from checking with the marines.
Sgt. C: Just checked some numbers on the supplies of all the stuff as well as our new “extra” cash from the groups that didn’t make it. So I can give you 800gp extra now. Otherwise I can check with the higher ups and see what they will be able to give you.

800gp now or ???? at an unknown later date.

Vix Well, I will see you all later at the house. I hope to see you again soon Red, maybe we should catch up and get a drink sometime. I believe I owe you about half the bar at this point with everything. Vix Grins Well then, I will let you find upstanding citizens get some rest. Have a good night.

Sgt Crimson.:Watches Vix leave just a little bit longer than one might normally. She’s a good person, she may be a bit tricky and dodgy at times, but she should have told you the truth. And there has been talk in the Dhampir circles about this guy. He’s supposed to be some kind of prodigy when it comes to writing music. The Wraith family wants to reveal his first major set of works all at once, but other families are trying to bribe him or steal some of the pieces away to undermine the event. she sighs Bloody politics, its why i went into the military, to get away from it. Anyway, i need to go do paperwork and then get some sleep. Thank you for your help. I’ll contact you all when we have another job for you.

DM Notes
Should have 704gp and some silver to split after the island plus whatever items that you took. Not counting Crimsons offer. You will not get the extra gold before you have to be at the house.

You have basically 16 hours to rest, shop, or do whatever before the character needs to be at the house.



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