Gothic Steampunk

Serenade of Madness

Party accepts babysitting gig

  • 5 p.m. party arrives at the villa
  • Wraith families tend to use diplomatic means to 1 up with artists or musicians
  • Guarding takes place in the Wraith’s town home
    • Wooden furniture
  • Upper class traffic in the streets
  • Houses are stacked and built very close to each other
    • Flat roofs are connected to each other

Party meet Vix (Canin) at a very nice house

  • She’s a constantly bubbly person
  • Wears well made leather armor and unusual gloves
    • Unusual belt that almost looks like holsters
  • Regular guards are away on official business
  • Composer, Erich Zonn, is prickly, but don’t take it personally
    • He’s stressed out because he hasn’t been sleeping to focus on his music
  • Does anyone have any ties to any specific vampire families?
    • No, but sometimes there’s a matter of politics

Party enters and see a metal table with a wood top of 2 story building

  • There’s plumbing, but not public water
  • Vix tells the party the kitchen is available for preparing food
  • Party is allowed to take naps in some of the hammocks on the first floor

Erich is on the 2nd floor

  • Scowly

Vix says most everyone stay on the first floor

  • Charlotte decides to stay out on the terrace to stand guard
    • Vix insists she keep quiet
  • Party is allowed to read the books

5 to 6 p.m.
Charlotte finds reading about black powder

  • Finds and understands how to make a cartridge system
    • Charlotte can now make bullets
      Olivier finds the Wraith family heroes are political leaders with the occasional duel
  • Drunken master that’s still alive
    • Proprietor of the house of pearls (Giant brothel and drug den)
  • Learns most of the older families
    • Wraith family, Mavis family, etc.
  • Wraith family hero that wore heavier armor than others
    • Suggested for larger shields in tandem
    • Slightly more mobile tower shield against the zombies to control them
    • Mobile bulwark concept
      Arkonn looks through the garden and finds plants to make a very fresh tea
  • Wanders around whole place about once every 20 minutes
    Morgan plays low stakes 6s with Vix
  • Morgan flirts and chats
  • Morgan had a crew mutiny and turn against her
  • Morgan enjoys “skimming” from inventory of merchant ships
    • Had a sloop named the “Crabby Patty” after her friend
    • Vix is also a pirate and like to grin

Arkonn notices a number of people outside

  • Young woman (early 20s) is out of place and casing the house
    • Better dressed, but looks uncomfortable
    • Unarmed

7 p.m.
Arkonn notices young woman is still there
Charlotte notices her, too

7:10 p.m.
Zonn pops his head out of his private room and brings down his dishes

8:00 p.m.
Hearing based Perception roll

  • Upright paino music is coming from Zonn’s room
    • Roughly plunking through the notes
      Charlotte decides it’s unpleasant after a while and decides to go get some tea and visit young woman
  • Fails to mention young woman to Vix

Young woman definitely notices Charlotte

  • Sense Motive, surprise to confusion to anger
  • Young woman is named Ann
  • Ann is not doing a good job of hiding her looks from Charlotte to the house
  • Charlotte eventually goes to sit with the woman
    • Offers to buy woman a new cup of tea
    • Young woman is from the dock side
    • Charlotte weirds out young woman

Ann asks if Charlotte is a guard or one of the people that party

  • A guard
    • From what?
  • You’re a little far away from home
    • Ann is socially award

Vix notices Arkonn watching Charlotte and young woman from the window

  • Vix says she recognizes the girl and doesn’t find her threatening
    • She definitely has an interest in the house

Inside the house

  • People notice a loud crashing of something fragile like thrown glass
    • Vix, Arkonn w/ wolf and Morgan go to check on Zonn’s room
      Vix returns with shattered pottery
  • Zonn had a temper tantrum after getting frustrated writing music
    Crisis averted

Arkonn notices the Ann is concentrating her gaze on the window of Zonn

Olivier casually walks outside to the tea stand

  • Blows the Wolf Whistle
  • Arkonn and his wolf start howling synchronized
    • To Zonn through the door, “That’s how good music is supposed to sound.”
  • Charlotte is howling
  • Zonn starts howling, too
  • 4 other random people in the tea stand are also howling
  • Olivier bursts into laughter
  • Whistle won’t work again on the same people for 24 hours

Charlotte catches young girl looking at Zonn and asks if she’s a fan

  • Yes
    • Ann is now more uneasy

Morgan continues to hit on Vix

  • Vix flirts back

9 p.m.
Vix asks Charlotte about her tea

  • Charlotte goes to ask Zonn about young woman
    • Brings a cup of tea
    • Zonn is angry, but takes the tea and agrees to chat for a while

Charlotte mentions Ann to Zonn

  • Zonn confirms that he knows her
  • Charlotte asks if there was something between them
    • None ya
  • Charlotte says she has been watching his window from Zonn

Zonn goes to the window and sees Ann in an alleyway holding something and looking at the house

  • Zonn isn’t afraid, but he shuts up
    Ann notices both Charlotte and Zonn in the window looking down at her
  • We used to be pretty close. She used to play my music when I started writing. A harpsichord.
    C: “Why is she here?”
    Z: “I’m not sure. We had a fight just after the Wraith family found me. She felt they would just use me then toss me aside once they got bored. I feel it’s my first real chance to make music.”

Ann is standing up in the light of a lantern

  • Holds a small purse without much in it

10 p.m.
Olivier opens the door and asks her to come inside for tea

  • Ann asks to speak with Erich
  • Olivier says she’ll need to do it inside where Erich can be protected
  • Vix is very suspicious of Ann and asks her why she needs to talk to him
  • Olivier defends Ann and says it might help Zonn’s writer’s block

Zonn is conflicted about whether to talk to Ann or not

  • He wasn’t nice the last time they saw each other

Ann says she’s there to apologize
Vix tells her she’d prefer the conversation happen tomorrow after the end of the contract

Charlotte calls Ann further into the house by the stairs to talk to her

Everyone downstairs

  • Vix’s hands slide down into her gloves and is effectively armed
    • Tips of the gloves look freshly wet
  • Vix carefully walks around to Charlotte

Charlotte says she needs to search her

  • Ann is more than willing to hand over her bag
    • Pealed bamboo reed to make paper that has music notes written in charcoal
    • Small wooden whistle

Arkonn quitely casts detect magic, but finds none
Vix quickly frisks Ann and decides it’s OK to let them talk

Olivier bars the door and everyone escorts Ann upstairs
Zonn agrees to talk to Ann

Ann is nervous, but feels better when she sees Zonn

  • Hands bag to Zonn
    Zonn is moved by whistle and scroll
  • Plays a sequence and they warm up to each other
  • Ann apologizes then Zonn apologizes
    Zonn asks a favor of Ann
  • Ann to help Zonn work on his music
  • Olivier asks if anyone wants tea or sandwiches
    • Takes orders and goes to prepare them

Charlotte clears the way to Zonn’s room and guards from the room

  • Arkonn waits in the garden (2nd floor)
    • Everyone else goes in

Ann makes Zonn’s music sound good

  • Music nerding out
  • Zonn is no longer scowling
  • Vix starts to relax while watching
    • Ann and Zonn are oblivious to anyone else in the room

Arkonn takes a walk around the block
Olivier guards the door
Vix, Charolotte and Mortgage stay with Ann and Zonn

  • Charlotte is positioned close to the window

Ann and Zonn work together for half an hour

  • Ann plays the piece from the beginning
    • People in the room feel the music
      • A hopeful sad tune
        Ann and Zonn just sit there for a moment after it’s complete
        Zonn thanks Ann and asks her to come to the concert debuting the music

Vix apologizes for being rude to Ann

  • Ann says she understands

Zonn sees Ann to the door

  • Ann is happy now
  • Ann smiles at Olivier and warns him not to get into too much trouble

11 p.m.
Vix confesses she feels like a bitch and sulks

  • Morgan consoles her

Arkonn notices a group of youngsters

  • An ugly male canin (Very prominent tooth sticking to the side) and 2 humans (male and female) that were unusual
    • Standing in the shadows chilling
    • Didn’t belong monetarily

11:10 p.m.
Charlotte see those 3 people coming up to the house
Knock in a very specific pattern

  • Vix immediately get up and open the door
    • What’s wrong
      Canin quietly says they have a problem at home
  • V: How bad?
  • We have undead at home

V: “I have an immediate problem to take care of. Would you be OK without me here?”
Morgan and Arkonn offer to come with Vix
V: Insists there is enough man power, but she needs to be there to organize the troops. Take my pay for the day.

Party asks for a pass phrase to know if anyone besides her tries to say they are from her

  • Vix asks for recommendations
    Morgan: Tell them to mention the Crabby Patty

Vix sprints away with her youngsters

Arkonn sees that the streets are well lit and it would be hard to sneak up on the house

Party notice that Zonn’s music is better than before Ann’s visit

1:45 a.m.
Arkonn’s wolf hears something outside

  • Arkonn takes notice and loud voices are coming closer
    5 males are coming down the street

Charlotte climbs out of the garden and onto the roof

  • Takes a little bit of time

50 feet away

  • 3 humans and 2 dhamphir are staggering down the street
    • Obviously drunk
    • only a rapier is visible

Mob is moving towards the house, but not necessarily to the house

  • Zonn is still playing music

Humans are late 20s or early 30s

  • They have money
  • Bachelors that were unsuccessfully cruising for women

Morgan decides to move a chair to sit next to Zonn’s door and listen to him play music

Drunk guy urinates on the wall then decides to tell his group that the party will stay at the house being guarded

  • Dhamphir is fumbling through his pockets looking for a key

Arkonn stands in the doorway, draws his weapon and says, “No Vacancy”

  • Dhamphir is excited that there’s more
    Olivier Bull Rushes him and knocks him down

“What the *&%#$? Why are you here? This is my family’s house.”

Olivier notices that Dhamphir is wearing a symbol of the Mavis family. Only certain people are allowed to wear that symbol. He’s somewhat important royalty. Mavis isn’t part of the Wraith family.

Charlotte tries to intimidate from the roof and tries to get them to leave

  • It works
    • Dhamphir drops his weapon and falls on his behind
  • Guys in the back are fearful and try to convince them

Olivier grabs the rapier then closes and locks the door

Rapier is a Damascus blade of very fine quality

  • Arkonn determines that it’s magical
    • Ghost Touch enchantment to effect incorporeal
    • No family crest on the rapier, but still very distinctive
    • Composed of steel and silver
    • Even pattern instead of wavy like normal Damascus
    • Not new handle

Olivier takes the rapier to Morgan and kids her that her boyfriend left her a present

  • Charlotte gives Morgan crap about scaring off her boyfriend

2 a.m.
Music has got a little bit louder

Arkonn and the wolf take a nap in the garden area

3 a.m.
Music has got louder and even spookier

  • He hasn’t messed up recently and hasn’t stopped in a long while
    Morgan checks and the door is locked, but the deadbolt is not thrown
  • There’s still a keyhole to peek through
  • Zonn is at the piano
    • Zonn’s fingers are bleeding and Morgan hears something else in the room
    • A rustle of clothing
  • Zonn has been playing non-stop for 2.5 hours

Knocks on the door, but no response or change in the music

Morgan yells “we have a problem”
Arkonn puts his shoulder into the locked door and knocks it down within 2 rounds

It’s slightly darker in Zonn’s room than it should be

  • Arkonn smells that there’s something else in the room
    • Can’t see it or hear anything. It’s just his

Arkonn tries to pull him away from the piano

  • Zonn starts screaming in fear as soon as Arkonn touches him
  • Arkonn is freaked out and falls on his butt
    Zonn is screaming and playing the piano
    Charlotte starts climbing from the roof to the garden
  • Takes 4 rounds

Olivier finally arrives
Morgan grabs Zonn and pulls Zonn away from the piano

  • Zonn is still reaching and clawing at the piano trying to play

Zonn escapes Morgan and immediately starts playing again
Arkonn grapples Zonn

  • Pins his arms behind his back
    • 5 ft step away from the piano

Arkonn hears whispering in the room that sounds like chanting

  • Needs to do make a DC 15 Will save
  • Stunned

Olivier blows the whistle and hears howling followed by not so quiet cursing
Morgan attempts to grapple Zonn, but fails
Arkonn backs into the corner and casts detect magic

  • Zonn has magic on him

Morgan fails to grapple again
Arkonn knows there are 3 auras

  • whistle, sword and the one on Zonn
    Olivier grapples Zonn
    Morgan grapples Zonn from the front
  • Zonn’s eyes are wide, but there’s some amount of recognition of who it is
    • Not quite as frantic
      Charlotte notices that there’s something in a 10×10 area that’s rustling
  • Trys throwing powder to cake the invisible enemy

Arkonn notices the spell on Zonn is no longer active

  • Starts looking

Olivier asks Morgan to help him get Zonn from the room

  • Zonn looks in the general direction of the invisible enemy
    • Says a number of words that no one recognizes

Charlotte perceives the invisible enemy

  • Throws black powder and it sticks to a little to the enemy

Feminine deep chuckle

  • Fear effect
    • Charlotte is shaken
    • Morgan and Olivier are panicked and must run away
    • Zonn is uneffected
    • Arkonn is OK and moves to intercept what Charlotte pointed out
      • Smells like tepid water and rotting plants

Olivier and Morgan flee, but the door is closed and doesn’t move
Zonn moves back to the piano
Charlotte takes a step back and shoots something

  • It connects with something, but doesn’t get through.
    • Bullet gets stuck and is floating in the air
      Invisible enemy starts chanting

Arkonn and wolf flank and connect for 12 DAM and 6 DAM, but trip fails

  • Hit armor of some sort

Olivier can’t get through the door
Morgan attempts to run for the window

  • Zonn inspires courage and helps her shake off the fear effect
    Charlotte is reloading
    The room seems to do a phase shift and shadowy tendrils start rising out of the ground by everyone
  • Skinny 4 foot tall shadows

Olivier attempts to get through the jammed door and makes progress
Morgan draws her special rapier and attacks the tendril closest to her

  • 5 DAM and it feels very solid
    Zonn keeps playing
    Charlotte fires at invisible enemy for 12 DAM
  • Tendril lands a glancing blow
    Invisibility fades and a tall well muscled woman appears
  • Tribal with dreadlocks and various beads, jewelry in her hair,
  • Metal or stone looking watery growth
  • Carries a mace made of bone
    • Human spine made of bone and bone tentacles wrapped around the outside
      Woman points at Charlotte and casts a spell with a loud sound blast
  • Fort save for Morgan, Charlotte and wolf companion
    • Wolf save is OK, but takes 1 DAM, Charlotte is stunned for a round and takes 5 DAM, Morgan takes 1 DAM
      Arkonn and wolf attack, Arkonn hits for 13 DAM
  • Tentacles attack in response

Oliver knocks down the door, but falls on his face trying to get away
Morgan hits the tentacle with an attack roll of 9 for 9 DAM
Charlotte is stunned
Woman moves out of melee combat and provokes AOO from Arkonn and wolf

  • Arkonn does 10 DAM and wolf does 4 DAM
    Woman talks to Zonn
  • “We could give you the gift. Accept our lord.”
    Arkonn and wolf
  • Attack roll of 19 is too low
  • Tentacles hit Arkonn for 2 DAM

Olivier gets up and runs away
Morgan kills the tentacle attacking her and crits

  • Does 16 DAM
    Zonn continues to play
    Charlotte reloads
    Woman points at Arkonn and casts a spell
  • AOO for 7 DAM with wolf
  • Arkonn Will save fails and he feels like he’s drowning
    Arkonn and wolf
  • Arkonn succeeds Fort save and toughened his way out of it
  • Wolf hits for 7 DAM
  • Tentacle hits wolf for 1 DAM

Olivier is finally not afraid and turns to attack the shadow blocking the door
Morgan attacks the tentacle attacking Zonn for 10 DAM
Charlotte attacks Woman and does 8 DAM

  • Tentacle misses Charlotte
    Woman takes a 5 foot step and casts defensively
  • Something happens…
    • Spells are in a weird tongue that no one understands
      Arkonn and wolf attack woman
  • Wolf hits for 8 DAM

Olivier kills the tentacle on the door and moves to defend Charlotte
Morgan attacks Zonn’s tentacle for 5 DAM

  • Tentacle swings back at you
    Zonn continues playing
    Charlotte reloads
    Woman is now getting annoyed and hits Arkonn with the mace for 13 DAM
    Arkonn notices Woman has no visible wounds
  • Woman just doesn’t appear to
  • Fights Defensively
  • Arkonn does 12 DAM and Wolf does 7 DAM

Olivier does 20 DAM to the tentacle attacking Charlotte
Morgan attacks tentacle attacking Zonn
Charlotte hits woman for 4 DAM

  • Woman collapses into a 25 gallon puddle of water
  • No physical traces are left, but it smells like murky water
    Arkonn and wolf attack their own tentacles
  • Wolf hits for 7 DAM
  • Tentacles rapidly attacks

Olivier closes and kills the tentacle that was attacking the wolf
Morgan closes and hits Arkonn tentacle for 8 DAM
Zonn collapses to his knees
Tentacle attacks Arkonn
Arkonn and wolf flank last tentacle and kill it

  • 12 DAM and 3 DAM

Gloom in the room dissipates

Olivier checks on Zonn and offers him a
Arkonn casts Cure Light Wounds for 3 HP

  • Unusual healing signature Zonn gets better, but his hands still look terrible
  • Heal check shows that all of his fingers are practically broken and the tips of his fingers are showing bone

Morgan is traumatized after her experience with the tribal woman

It is 3:30 at night

Olivier leaves right away to get the aid of a cleric

  • Takes 15 to 20 minutes
    Morgan tries to encourage Zonn

Olivier runs into a sect of the marines that deal with specific problems

  • A dozen troopers
  • Witch hunters (Special forces)

Olivier flags down the troopers

  • 3 stop, but the others keep running
  • It turns out that the special forces are headed towards the Wraith house

Charlotte hears the men outside

  • A command is spoken and the door flies open
  • Readies her gun

The soldiers ready their weapons and command Charlotte to drop her weapon

  • C: You drop your weapons

Soldiers say that they are there to deal with the supernatural threat

  • Stand down or be put down
  • His excellency sent us when he detected overt magic

Witch hunters try to talk to Arkonn

  • Arkonn asks what it was
  • It’s just unusual

Witch hunters go up to music room and cast detect magic

  • Checks out Morgan’s sword
    Witch hunters give medical aid to Zonn
  • It seems like there is some kind of effect going on in which his body is resisting magical healing. There may be some physical healing we can offer to give him some amount of functionality in his hands.

Everyone gets separated and questioned

  • Everyone is given healing to capacity
  • Everyone has a couple spells casts on them

White and gold robe

  • Head Priest of Sol
    2 cleric in half plate armor

The new group that came in is casting magic

  • Arkonn knows they are casting purification spells
  • One of the spell casters manages to get rid of the water in the room

Everyone is made to sit at the table

  • Witch Hunter leader tells them that there is an enemy of Sol that worships the dark tentacle one, god of madness
  • Tend to offer power or skill, but there are significant costs to the deal
    • Madness tends to spread after accepting the deal
  • Knew something was going on, but couldn’t locate it until the heavier magic started to go
  • Party was fighting a golem that was an avatar of a priestess
    • Witch Hunters have encountered her before

Next time, run. We were amazed you survived.
Olivier: “We can handle her.”
Arkonn: "There’s a bounty, but we need to do more research before sending

Sgt BloodyMary and Vix show up

  • Vix smells like the sewer because she has been fighting the undead

Party gets escorted to the nearest barracks for a place to sleep for the next several hours

  • Vix says she will talk to the Dhamps about the job

Party is leveling up to 3

Vix will deliver the party’s money in a few hours after the party rests

  • Will get gold (~250gp + 500 gp (original deal))



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