Gothic Steampunk

Take It Back Part 1

Party answers god King’s call to fight undead

  • God King gives Soul’s Blessing to the new recruits
    • reroll any one save

Party handler is female Dhamphir named Sgt. Crimson

  • Assigned to clear out an island that used to be a military post
  • Party is going with a small contingent of marines
  • 100 gp pay guaranteed at the end of the mission (upon survival)
    • No looting except what’s needed for immediate battle
    • Party will get a portion of significant wealth

Party gets on a transport to the island

Sgt. Crimson and Pfc Black and Pfc Wedge

  • They are responsible for guarding the boat
    1 healing available for each person
  • Cure Light Wounds
  • Inflict Minor Wounds
  • Blood-Root potion
    Given a day’s worth of ration and a waterskin worth of water

Sgt. Crimson gives the party a map of the island

Island is a staging place for expanding to other islands

  • Island abandoned during the invasion of undead during the great plague

1 story stone buildings

Crimson is going back to the transport

  • Leaves a flare to signal for help if she doesn’t return in

On the Pier, there are empty cages, empty crates and rotted gear strewn about

Olivier goes to the door and sees nothing

  • Opens the door (Opens out)
    • Stretched skin over metal frame

Narrow hallway with stairs going up

  • Small, doorless locker
    Olivier opens the inner door
  • It’s the armory

Armory is dark

  • Sword racks, armor racks (leather) and random supplies (basic supplies)
  • Random barrels mostly empty or full of spoiled gear
    • Large locked cage
      • Large crates

Olivier complains that it’s dark and Arkonn casts Light on his armor

  • Checks to see what’s in the cage
  • Smells relatively dry

Arkonn looks around the area


  • Number of shelves without
    • Crossbow with quiver
    • Small metal boxes with random bits and pieces
    • Large wooden barrels (half barrel sized)
      • Looks like they have been tapped out and have corks in the outter portion
      • Crossbow is particularly high quality and a bundle of cloth under it

Lock is built into the door

  • Too strong for the ax

Charlotte takes the lead in exploring upstairs

  • Large windows that once had solid glass that’s now broken
  • There once was a desk and furniture barricading the door once upon a time
  • Maps of the surrounding area
  • 1 solid desk and a withered corpse lying in a chair with books and papers
    • Small notebook sealed in leather
      • Dagger stuck into the top of a driftwood desk
  • Empty vial on the desk

Charlotte searches corpse

  • Masterwork cutlass
  • Has a key

Olivier takes the book

  • Leather has shrunk
  • Uses dagger (redish) from the desk to cut the cords

Charlotte notices there are brownish/redish foot prints where she was stepping

  • matches color of the dagger

Journal of Captain Amos

  • Personal notes
  • Last note in scratchy script
    • Undead just walked out of the sea in a fog
    • Strange madness caused people to hurt themselves
    • New darkness came and caused him to commit suicide

Vial has the symbol of Sol and it empty

Charlotte tries the key on the cage and it opens


  • erotic art work (crude to expertly
  • Small flat animal bladder w/o a tie
  • Small bone whistle
  • Set of tools useful for lockpicking
    • Claimed by Charlotte
  • Large casks made of wood (empty)
    • One was once ale, woody firy scent and fruity scent

Inigo knows bringing casks back to brewers back in the Maw for substantial money
Inigo recognized Light (Underwater) crossbow

  • 20 bolts
  • Diver’s suit

Arkonn is impatient and stays outside

Party decides to walk along the shore to avoid walking next to uncleared areas

  • Goes to Warehouse C

Warehouse C has a cage door (see through)/gate
Arkonn casts Light on his armor

  • Arkonn kicks open the door and makes a loud squeek
    • It took a bit of STR to open it

Warehouse C

  • Large metal boxes neatly in rows
  • Metal casks line the wall
  • Supplies for boats, pitch, sail materials, leather, etc.

Wolf starts growling at something in the back corner

Arkonn sees 2 corpses that are starting to stand up

The party crowds forward, but Inigo enters along the wall

Zombies charge the party

Inigo uses Acrobatics to get over 3 foot tall containers and attack zombies

  • Hits for 5 PI DAM

Zombies smell very nasty

Olivier misses
Charlotte misses zombie closest to Arkonn
Arkonn gives Torran command to flank

  • Provokes an attack of opportunity from either zombie
    • Torran takes 5 DAM and wolf succeeds Fortitude save
  • Torran successfully attacks for 3 DAM and fails to trip

Zombie hits Olivier for 10 DAM, but Olivier succeeds
Zombie crits Arkonn for 15 DAM

Inigo hits zombie attacking Olivier for 8 DAM

  • Zombie explodes in a horrible stinky way
    • Inigo fails Fort save and takes 1 CON damage
      • Roll in 10 minutes of game time to see if it recovers

Olivier misses Arkonn’s zombie
Charlotte reloads
Arkonn takes a 5 foot step backward and goes unconscious
Torran continues to try to flank, but misses

Zombie hits Olivier for 7 DAM

Charlotte moves into flanking position

  • Does 9 DAM and the zombie explodes
    • Wolf takes 2 CON damage

Charlotte gives Olivier his Blood-Root potion
Inigo gives Blood-Root potion to Arkonn

  • Charlotte gives her Healing Potiont to Arkonn to bring him into consciousness
    Arkonn uses one of his heal spells on his wolf

Bits and pieces of the zombies didn’t have much clothing

  • Probably weren’t people originally on the island

Boat returns during the 10 minutes Inigio

Charlotte delivers the journal to Sgt. Crimson

  • Similar reports at other islands, hopefully it’s not the sign of an angry god

Sgt. Crimson

  • Healer’s kit
  • 1 more round of healing potions for the party

We’ve been called to reinforce another island. Good luck.

The rest of the party continues to hang out in Warehouse C

  • Boat supplies
  • 10 small casks of rock salt (10# ea. Sellable 5 gp ea.)
  • Hard tack (1 sealed with water)

Olivier uses Blood-root potion immediately and heals to full

Olivier asks the party to go to the medical facility to restock supplies since he’s out of healing

It’s dreery and the party cuts underneath the open pavilion

Open pavilion was a packed dirt floor that is now soft

  • Whale bones covered with hide
  • Corregated metal tables and benches (rusty)
  • Several benches are knocked over
    Paired doors to the kitchen are closed
    The wells are relatively not rusty

Small hill in the distance is the left over of the North tower / hunting shack

  • The terrain is very muddy surrounding the North tower

Medical shack has a better door
Arkonn casts guidance on himself and the wolf then opens the door

3 cots, shelves, a desk

Arkonn hears a curtain making noise going to the operating room

  • Meek contraption with mobile joints (Mirrored light with wires or cords)

Olivier turns on the light

Inigio finds 2 potions of Cure Light Wounds
Charlotte finds 1 potion of Blood-root
Olivier finds a Healer’s Kit in a high quality (waterproof)

Arkonn goes ahead and searches the North tower and notices that it’s collapsing
Arkonn goes to the kitchen without waiting for the rest of the party

  • Notices something sharp and slightly acidic smelling
  • Cautiously investigates

Smell is stronger in the corner with a pair of large metal brazers

  • Gooey slurry of indigestible parts
    • Bones, teeth, hair, etc.

Arkonn puts the lid back on and then shakes it
The other brazer starts to shake and the lid is starting to come off

  • Arkonn temporarily stops it from escaping

Arkonn dumps the stronger brazer to attack

  • 2 oozes of green goop with bits of things in it

Charlotte shoots one for 7 DAM
Inigo kills an ooze

Ooze misses Olivier

Charlotte reloads
Inigo does 6 DAM to the 2nd ooze
Olivier does 20 DAM to the 2nd ooze

The cauldron looks pitted

Inigo and Charlotte get on the table in preparation

  • Uses 1 panache
    Olivier dumps the 2nd cauldron

Charlotte misses
Inigo hits the ooze for 9 DAM and kills it in 1 hit

Inside of 2nd cauldron is also pitted


  • Chef Knives (Damascus) (equalivent to masterwork dagger)
    • Olivier notices that steel and silver is worked together to make it more valuable

Party moves to Warehouse D

  • Arkonn decides to kick in the gate again
    • The whole game falls in

Horizontal shelves with more smaller shelves


  • 6 well preserved Cutlasses/dagger pairs
  • 3 Cold iron clubs
  • Cold iron alchemic weapon
  • 3 cold iron alchmic daggers
  • Cooking gear
  • Coil of Silk Rope (50 foot)
  • Block and tackle
  • Fishing poles
  • Fishing spear (used as a small spear)



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