Common armors found on The Maw.
Prices and stats listed on the d20pfsrd armor page

Hide Shirt
Marine Armor – Same stats as Parade armor
A combination of light leather armor with a silk lining. It covers the full body except for head, hands, and feet. It has the sigal of the God-King embroidered over the heart in yellow thread with the rest of the material being black with yellow cording.
Studded Leather
Chain Shirt

Armored Coat
Hide Armor
Scale Mail
Breastplate (agile)

Splint mail
Banded mail
Half plate

Other heavy plate is available, but it must be special ordered after having received permission from the proper authorities.


While not unheard of, shields are often ignored due to combat relying mostly on mobility and near or on the sea. The most common shield is the buckler which is occasionally used in duels if the rules allow it.

Leather Madu
Steel Madu
Light Turtle Shell Shield (use light wooden shield stats)
Light Steel Shield
Heavy Turtle Shell Shield (use heavy wooden shield stats)
Heavy Steel Shield

Tower Shields can be ordered, but generally needs permission from the authorities.

Additional Armors Available Coming Soonish:

Lining – Lining can be added to most armors. Linings are designed to either improve the wear of the armor, or some have added protection benefits.

Silk Lining -

Dead-mans Lining -

Aether webbing -

Plating – can be added to metal armors to provide DR for an additional cost, armor check penalty, and/or weight. Plating cannot be stacked and only provides DR to the location it is added to. Cost is per “piece” of armor.

Copper Plating -

Silver Plating -

Gold Plating -

Faraday Cage – Combination of metals on a full suit of metal armor provide a system that ground out the majority of Aether magic targeting the individual wearing it. Prevents the users from being able to access the Aether while wearing the armor.


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