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Healing potions come in three common types.
Standard Cure Light Wounds.
Standard Inflict Light Wounds (for the dhampir)
Blood-root potion.
All three cost 50 GP each.

The first two act as they would normally do.

Blood-Root potion:
This potion is a deep red color and the viscosity of blood, as long a having a similar smell to blood. Produced from a blood-root, it greatly increases the natural healing of the body for all of the races.
Blood-Root potion: Heals over 3 rounds. Roll 1d4+1 one each round and that is how much you are healed. Roll a Fort save DC 10. If failed, the person who drank the potion is sickened for the duration of the healing due. If succeeded the person is healed but suffers no ill effects.

Holy Water – 25 gp
As written on the d20pfsrd site.

Holy Salt – 50 gp:
Fine powdered rock salt that has been blessed by priests to help ward off and vanquish evil spirits or undead.
Comes in a 1lb pouch that has enough salt for 5 uses.
The salt can be applied to weapons or ammunition as a standard action, or it can be used as a ranged touch attack with a range of 5 feet (can hit adjacent squares). Each attack attempt (hit or miss) uses up the salt.
The salt will add an Acid effect of 1d4+1 to the attack and can hit incorporeal creatures even if the weapon would not.

Warding Salt – 100 gp:
This coarse rock salt has been blessed by priests to ward off evil spirits.
As a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity, the salt can be poured in a circle with a diameter of 5 feet or a straight line up to 15 feet long.
While the line of salt remains unbroken and undisturbed, evil undead cannot physically cross it or interfere with it. These creatures can continue to make ranged or magical attacks over the line. Any other creature may disturb the line simply by scuffing it. The effects of the salt last as long as the line remains unbroken. Once laid, the salt cannot be recollected.

Holy Oil – 50gp:
Can be used to anoint a person as a standard action.
The anointed person receives the effects of the Bless spell at a caster level of 1. (lasts one minute)

Use d20pfsrd website for equipment stats and prices.

Additional Equipment and tools will be added over time.


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