The House of Pearls
The main source of income for the Wraith family of Dhampirs. A combination of brothel, tavern, and music house, it offers the highest quality of entertainment on the island. Only people who have been invited or are able to pay their way are able to enter the House. Musicians, cooks, brewers, and other purveyors are occasionally invited to try their skills before people of renown. Those that succeed are offered jobs, money, and other prizes. Those that fail are generally allowed to try again after paying a fee.
Player characters who have access to the House can spend 3 days enjoying the house and pay 2000 gp can improve either their CHA or CON by +1. This can only be done once.

Scarlet Academy of Combat
The reported to be the best school of combat on the island and it is run by the Scarlet family. It has teachers for nearly every form of armed and un-armed combat available for hire. There are also regular tournaments and displays of skill where one can earn prestige or money by competing.
Player characters who have access to the Academy can spend 3 days training and pay 2000 gp can improve either their STR or DEX by +1. This can only be done once.
Players can also pay to gain weapon and armor proficiency.

The Iron University
Run by the Stygian family, it is the largest school on the island. Composed of intellectuals, magic users, and some crackpots, just about anything can be learned or studied on the grounds of the University. Magical items and potions can also be bought at the University.
Player characters who have access to the University can spend 3 days of study and pay 2000 gp can improve either their INT or WIS by +1. This can only be done once.

The Mines – The mines serve as the islands major prison. Depending on the severity of the crime, different locations and lengths of time are assigned. Guards are nearly always on hand, both to keep the prisoners working as well as to keep an eye out for the occasional underground danger.
For those that cause minor crimes, often times they are to be in charge of shoveling coal, moving carts of ore, or various cleaning operations. For somewhat serious crimes, they are often in more dangerous and unpleasant jobs. They could be working in the forge area, smelting the ore into ingots or bars. Or they could be operating a dangerous piece of equipment that wear’s down its operators faster than its parts. For those who cause truly terrible crimes, they are in the deepest reaches of the mines, working in the near dark in which a wrong move will cost them their lives. Rarely do any of these criminals make it to the end of their sentence. They either perish in the mines, or risk running into the tunnels and trying to survive alone.
Professional minors also work the mines. They are usually working in the areas where the more valuable ores are such as Gold or Silver. Often using somewhat sophisticated machinery to help them remove the valuables as safely as possible. They tend to be both a hearty and tough lot, but the lifestyle attracts all sorts.

Dockside – Dockside is just that, the docks. It stretches long the majority of the inner harbor of the island. Composed of warehouses, ship builders, fisherman’s housing or huts, and some businesses that find it easier to work nearly on the water. Generally it is seen as a rowdy and dangerous area, but for those that belong to dockside, it is home. Many of the buildings are only semi permanent buildings. Rarely do you see any wood used other than the long tough reeds that grow in bunches throughout the harbor. Often the smaller buildings aren’t much more than bone and hide tents.

Craft District – An area where nearly everything in the area is either a shop, a craft hall, or housing for someone who creates something as their profession. While most people don’t need to worry about walking by themselves in this part of the island, most people try to avoid staying out on the streets too late at night.

Middle Tier – While not defined as such on any map, most people who live on the middle tier don’t have to worry about starving or surviving till the next day. Houses are made from stone bricks or are built into the actual stone of the island. Occasionally you may see some open displays of wealth, but most people that live here are practical enough to know that if you show that you have wealth, someone may decide to take it.

Upper Tier – The nobles and well off inhabit the upper tier. Composed of mansions where the entire bloodline of a family will live, they love to show off their wealth through various means. Some have well tended gardens, some display rare and expensive woodworking, and some are nearly always throwing some kind of party or event in which only the well to do are invited. Personal guard and young nobles looking for a chance to show off their skills usually are the ones to prevent any street trash from making it to this area, but occasionally they cause more trouble than they solve.

Citadel – The palace of the God-King Sol is the main portion of the citadel. It was build as a fortress from the original inhibitors of the island, and served as the last defense during the first great plague. It is on the highest portion of the island with a grand tower at the point that is said to have served as a lighthouse hundreds of years ago.


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