Religion on the Maw is an interesting situation.

Sol, the God-King is an actual god. Yet he still allows the worship of some of the other deities that do not have a physical presence on the island. However, he is the primary deity of the island due to how he had saved and protected the original people of the maw from the first plague.

His domains are, Light, Healing, Order, Protection, Good, and Law.
His symbol is the Sun, and his weapon is a Sword.

Sol generally sticks to his temple and palace at the top of the spire on the edge of the Maw. He does make appearances at certain celebrations and other important events, but usually from a distance with the common folk. Generally only high ranking military officials, religious officials, and nobles get to actually meet him.

Other major deities.

Sol’s ‘sister.’ Luna is not on the physical plane.
Her domains are the Moon, Darkness, Magic, and Knowledge
Her symbol is a crescent moon, and her weapon is the Dagger.

The Smith
The god of the forge is one of the main focuses of worship for most craftsman or miners.
His domains are Fire, Earth and Stone, Metals, and Artifice.
His symbol is a flaming hammer, and his weapon is a war hammer.

The Fisherman

The Fisherman is the god of the sea. Worshiped by those who farm the sea and sailors.
His domains are Water, Wind, Storms, Nature, Luck, and Travel.
His symbol is a crashing wave, and his weapon is the Trident.

The Maiden
The Maiden is the Fisherman’s daughter, and is the goddess of death.
Her other title is “The drawer of nets.” While she is not an evil god, she is generally worshiped by those who are asking her to not collect their souls anytime soon.
Her symbol is a Silver net over a black field, and her weapon is the net.


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