Skills and Crafting

Character Jobs
In order to give the players world a little more ‘life,’ each player character should assume they came from some kind of background where they did some kind of ‘job.’

At each level, including level 1. You will be given an EXTRA 1 skill point that should go into a ‘job’ skill. You do not need to put consecutive job points into the same skill, feel free to diversify.
You will ‘conveniently’ find uses other than making a living or money with these skills.

For example, someone with craft skill(armor), appraise, or profession (merchant) would likely be able to get a discount when buying or selling armor.
Or a character with handle animal might gain a bonus to perception in a specific case due to the wildlife around the characters acting funny.

“Job skills”
Craft (any)
Disguise (makeup/beautician)
Handle Animal
Knowledge (any)
Perform (any)
Professions: Examples
architect, baker, barrister, brewer, butcher, clerk, cook, courtesan, driver, engineer, farmer, fisherman, gambler, gardener, herbalist, innkeeper, lawyer, librarian, medic, merchant, midwife, miller, miner, porter, sailor, scribe, shepherd, stable master, soldier, tanner, trapper.
Other professions are available if wanted.

Due to the technological advances on the island, some crafting skills will be slightly altered.

Find item’s total cost in Gold (rounded up)
Make daily DC roll
Take roll result x DC of item
Divide by 10.
If result totals to price of item, it is complete.
If result is less than total price of item, that is progress made

Breastplate DC 16, cost 200GP
1/3 cost = 67 gp
If 16 is rolled: (16 × 16)/10 = 25.6
In one day, 25. 6/200 has been done.
If 16 is rolled each time, it will take 200/25.6 = 7.8 → 8 days
If 20 is rolled: (20×16)/10 = 32
20 is rolled each time: 200/32 = 6.25 days

Crafting Modifiers:

There are a number of craft halls or guild houses that people can pay to have access too, either as a daily fee, project fee, or as a guild member. Prices will vary.

By working in these halls, you will not have to purchase tools, and you can get additional bonuses to your crafting or profession skills from being able to have people help you for a small fee, having access to additional resources, or by garnering interest in your projects or jobs.

Time for crafting
Daily skill check at the items DC.
Normal tool penalties/bonuses apply
1 Hour of Continuous Crafting: DC + 4
2 Hours of continuous crafting: DC + 2
4 hours of continuous crafting: DC
8 Hours of continuous crafting: DC – 2
Continuous crafting is defined by doing no other tasks or skills other than eating or similar minor requirements

No progress is made if less than 1 hour of time is spent except in rare cases.
If an interruption occurs that stops production, you would roll at that time interval.

If you have an interruption that would make you take a break from production but can continue afterwords, you would take the average of the DC modifiers of your planned work time and the one below it.

Brew Potions
Has not changed as of this moment.

Skills and Crafting

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