The Magic

Magic in Spira is unusual.
There are three known forms of magic that people are aware of.

The Aether
The Aether is your standard ‘magic’ force. Many people can feel the Aether in some form or another. Most people can only sense it when it is concentrated or being used through a device as a slight electrical tingle or buzz, but cannot use the Aether unless they have a tool or device to access it. The Aether is used constantly in some devices to improve the lives of the people of the Holy City as well as a weapon by the Marines. The Aether is viewed more as a science than true magic due to the research and how it is almost always constant in the way that it works with the world.

Occasionally there will be a sensitive that is capable of manipulating the Aether without aid. However they are rare and far in between.

Gemstones are used as focus points for use with the Aether. Using different gemstones can produce different results.

Diamond – white – Force
Ruby – red – fire
Emerald – green – Gravitational/magnetic
Sapphire – blue – cold
Aquamarine – teal – water
Topaz – yellow – lightning

The quality of the gem can also result in different effects. The well known gem qualities are
Common, Uncommon, Rare, Unique.

The magic of spirits and the dead. Usually a naturally occurring force that is the cause of most of the undead life forms that inhabit the world. Sources of Ectomancy are constantly investigated and generally destroyed when they are found, being generally seen as evil.

However there is one religious branch in the Holy city that are known practitioners of Ectomancy that is both tolerated and revered. The Drawer of Nets is a greater god of death. They catch the spirits of those who have passed and safely let them pass into the afterlife before their spirits can be corrupted and twisted. Anyone who shows any talent in Ectomancy is swiftly recruited into their ranks to prevent them from straying onto the path of evil.

Dark Magic
It is believed that many of the horrors and abominations that are formed are caused by dark magic. The source of dark magic is rumored to be from the Dark God whos goal is to twist and corrupt the whole of existence.

The Magic

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