The Marines

The Holy Marines are the main military and peace keeping force for the Holy city. Military service is very common on The Maw. Many people serve for just a couple of years whenever a plague occurs, three being the most common. The citizen is paid for their services while in the military. Their pay increases as their rank increases. Other benefits such as wealth or standing can be accrued through service. Some citizens become career military personal.

Major General

The first year is purely training and basic services like maintaining government buildings and such. The Crucible test happens at the end of the first year. Depending on the results of the test as well as input from both the citizen and others, they can be placed in a number of different positions. Support positions such as medics, logistics, cartographers, and engineers.

The second year is active military service. The citizen is placed with a unit that is composed of career military personal, third year conscripts, and newly placed trainees. The majority of the units are part of expeditions that look for resources and chart out the local islands while clearing out the dangerous things that are there. A number of units also stay closer to the Holy city and work as peace keeping forces.

The third year is generally up to the citizen. Some replace the citizens that have finished their service in the unit, while others specialize in various fields.

The standard Marine is proficient in melee combat with short swords or cutlasses. The heavy blades are excellent for hacking up the undead. Hammers or boarding axes are also common weapons. Those that show proficient are often armed with crossbows or the occasional Aether gauntlet. During times of peace, most Marines retire from the military and go back to farming or fishing. Those that stay on usually work as Peacekeepers, who patrol the city’s streets in small groups with poles or clubs.

Their armor consists of seal leather coats to help protect them from the weather as well as protect them against the undead that they may come across. It is rare to see the average marine in metal armor due to the likely hood of working on ships or near the water. Many a cocky Marine thought the heavy metal armor would protect them, when all it did was drag them into the dark depths of the sea.

Variations of the Marine’s uniform.

The Marines

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