The Maw

Groups on the Maw:

The Minnows
The Minnows are a loosely organized group of Thieves. Composed mostly of the orphans and disillusioned, they banded together to protect each other from the cruel life that those who do not have anything. They mostly stick to petty theft and the occasional high skill robbery. They make the sewers and tunnels beneath the city home. During times of peace they have been raided by the Marines to try and cleanse the city. However, there have been rumors that The Marines have also worked together with the Minnows to protect the underside of the city in times of need. To their credit, there has never been a large uprising of undead that have come from the sewers.

Craftsman Guild

Composed of most commercial craftsman in the city. They have banded together to make sure that they can get a fair deal. Any craftsman who are not part of the guild either have enough power backing them through various nobles, or is unable to pay the guild dues.

Farmers Guild
Similar to the Craftsman Guild, however the farmers guild is more inclusive. Anyone who wants to join is allowed and encouraged. Help to those who are suffering through difficult times is often provided at the expense of others. They all know the horrors that people face and try to make their lives better when possible. While not a wealthy organization, they do have many connections and influence with other groups.

Witch Hunters
The Witch Hunters are a specialized group of Marines who have been trained and tasked with hunting down people who use dark magic or extremely dangerous foes near the city. Composed of a number of different skilled individuals, they have an impressive track record for completed operations.

Major Dhampir Families
The three main families of the Dhampir bloodlines are the Stygian, Scarlet, and Wraiths. Each family had a true vampire as their progenitor that Sol, The God-King, had ‘converted’ to the light. Each family has a broad reach in the Maw and they are constantly jockeying for power and position in the higher levels of society. The purity of the bloodlines are important to many of the nobles of the three families. Marrying between the families is commonplace as deals and bargains are struck and favors offered. There are many smaller families that have either lost face due to some slight, or those who have gotten sick of the politics and infighting.

The Stygian family is most concerned with knowledge. Many of the nobles have impressive libraries with books and scrolls from before the great plagues. While members of the family look down on combat, they are never afraid to enter a duel or fight for the God-King and The Maw. The family crest is a Black raven.

The Scarlet family have the highest number of duels both fought and won. Skill with arms is a sign of pride and power within the family. They are so proud of their skills they hold a series of dueling tournaments throughout the year. They also are the owners and creators of the cities largest combat school. The family crest is a Crimson blood droplet.

The Wraith family tends to favor beauty over brains or brawn. The owners, employees, and patrons of the cities brothels, art galleries, and musical halls. Artists, musicians, and other artisans are often employed by the Wraith family to create works of art to fill their homes or places of business. Their symbol is a White diamond.

The Maw

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