The World

The world this adventure takes place on will be called “Spira”

It is a world where science, magic, life, and death all mingle and are tied up in each other.

The known world itself is primarily a water planet with numerous smaller islands dotting the ocean in archipelagos similar to oceans in our world.

Our campaign takes place on an island called “The Maw.” It has gained this name due to the shape it has if one is flying above the island, or looking at a map.

It is shaped as a large C with the ends tapering in with points that look like jagged teeth that are about to bite down upon any ships that sail into the harbor.

Mostly waterworld

Constant cloud cover – rain and thunder/lightning storms are often

Aetherstorms (low hanging aurora with lightning and plasma balls) occasionally happen –
usually happen above cloud cover but will occasionally drop down

if cloud cover breaks temporarily, storms can be seen higher up in the atmosphere
people can become blind, dazed, nauseated, mesmerized, insane, fascinated, unhinged, etc by watching storm with unshielded eyes

Energy discharge can overload machines or circuits if it is close or in storm

Lots of sea life, fishing is most common source of meat (fish, seals, whales, shark, etc)
Seals hunted and used for meat and ‘leather’
Whales hunted and oil is harvested
Sharks used as food and for materials, some can be VERY large.

Sea serpents exist in deep water and sometimes they have lairs in some spires – avoided at all costs if possible (60-100 feet long) – rather intelligent but primal

Giant squids/octopi show up but prefer to avoid humans. Some are rumored to be intelligent.

Good amount of bird life
seagulls, pigeons – hunted for meat and feathers – pigeons used as homing pigeons in some cases
Seahawks, eagles – not as common – territorial – occasionally used for long distance air messages

Giant eagles exist, rumored to feed on whales and sharks.

The World

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