Gothic Steampunk

2 Brothers of the Dead

House was built to last the ravages of the weather and to survive an assault
Party decides to ignore the maze and instead tries the front door

  • Metal door with decorative wooden panels
    Skarra attempts to pick the lock
  • High quality lock doesn’t open
    Oliver grabs the door knockers
  • Echoes loudly inside
  • Oliver waits 30 seconds, but doesn’t hear anything
  • Skarra hears something moving around inside, but the movement isn’t in a hurry to get to the door

Charlotte tries to squeeze through one of the narrow, barred windows 50"+ off the ground, but fails


  • 2-3’ tall wall around the maze
    • Foliage is 10’ high
  • Foliage is dense, but more like a pine tree
    • Can’t easily climb the weak branches
    • Can’t push through brush either, but it can be hacked through

There’s a wall for the hedge 5’ wide at the opening of the garden

  • Shrubs with small thorns
    Skarra leads through the maze and always follows the right edge of the maze

After exploring the maze for a while

  • Voice is heard from somewhere to the left
    Skarra goes deeper into the maze and finds a fountain
  • Middle of the maze
  • Woman statue
    • Lots of body parts strapped to the statue
  • Numerous corpses
    • Some are recent, some are well decayed
  • Living persons there
    • bone creature
    • someone muttering to the bone creature
      • Wears leather cloak with tough material underneath
      • Was paying attention to the statue prior to Skarra’s approach

Skarra: “Am I interrupting something?”
Necromancer: “You can say that…. What are you doing here? This is my family’s property.”
Skarra: “We’re just here to check on you to see that you’re OK.”
Necromancer: “People should be more concerned with themselves.”

Skarra needs to make a Will save

  • Necromancer pulls out a dagger after that
    Olivier: “What’s going on here? Where did all these corpses come from?”
    Necromancer: “You’ll find out. Bone golem, attack.”
    Golem critically bites Morgan for 10 DAM
    Skarra wades through the corpse fountain to go to the far side of the necromancer
  • Stunning attack misses
    Necromancer attacks Skarra then backs into the maze
    Charlotte shoots at necromancer, but something leaps out of his pocket and grabs the bullet before it hits him
  • Bullet ward
    Morgan and Olivier fail to hit bone golem

Bone Golem grabs what appears to be a rib cage and throws it at Skarra

  • Skarra gets stuck in a cage of bone (grappled)
    Skarra uses Escape Artist to try to escape from the cage, but fails
    Necromancer disappears
  • Hear voice tell bone golem, “kill them”
  • Charlotte sees invisible with her scope and sees invisible necromancer run deeper into maze
    Oliver hits bone golem for 23 DAM
    Bone golem steps towards Olivier and bites him for 12 DAM
  • Bone cage tries to grab Skarra again and succeeds
    Skarra uses Escape Artist again, but doesn’t get free
    Charlotte shoots at bone golem, but misfires

Morgan hits bone golem for 19-5 DAM (bludgeoning)
Bone golem hits Morgan for 9 DAM
Skarra finally manages to escape bone cage with escape artist check
Charlotte fixes gun

Morgan hits golem for 18-5 DAM
Oliver hits golem for 20 DAM
Golem bites Oliver for 9 DAM
Skarra does a flury on golem for 8 DAM
Charlotte shoots at golem, but misses

Oliver hits golem for 18 DAM

  • Bone golem crumbles
  • Oliver kicks around remains looking for treasure
  • Buys 2 blood root potions from Skarra

Skarra hears clacking from around the corner

  • Investigates and finds a skeleton
    Charlotte reloads and starts going in the direction she saw necromancer
    Morgan drink CLW for 6 HP
    Oliver uses spring attack and power attack, but misses
    Skeleton attacks Skarra, but misses
    2nd skeleton rounds the corner and attacks Charlotte, but misses

Skarra does flurry and connects for 4 DAM and 8 DAM

  • 1st attack kills it
    Charlotte uses grit to pistol whip skeleton, but misses
    Oliver uses spring attack to kill skeleton attacking Charlotte
  • Skeletons have broken swords

Charlotte hears a faint sounds like sobbing from the shrub

  • younger voice
  • plus shushing

Skarra turns to go in the direction Charlotte indicated

  • Advances to a dead end instead of a way to the house
    Charlotte tries to push through the hedge towards the sobbing
  • Hears a gasp and the voices go silent
    Morgan is concerned about Charlotte, but only gets shushed
    Olivier readies a potion and follows Skarra

Bush scratches Charlotte for 1 DAM
Skarra charges forward and sees a door on the side of the house

  • “I’ve found a door
    Charlotte keeps pushing through the thorns and feels like there is an open space beneath the bushes
  • Crouches down and sees a small area with a crawl path
  • Boy age of 8 tries to punch Charlotte
    • Tries to protect a girl with her
  • Charlotte: “It’s OK. I’m not going to hurt you.”
    “Who are you?”
    “Who are you?”
    “A man took us.”
    Charlotte describes the necromancer
    Morgan calls out for Charlotte
  • “Are you OK?”
    Olivier downs a Blood Root, but is sickened for 2 more rounds
  • Heals for 2 HP
  • 2 perks available for blood root (1 for critical success and 1 for failure)

Kids asks Charlotte if she is going to take them to the necromancer
Morgan kills a skeleton that rounds a corner

Skarra kills a skeleton
Charlotte comes back through the bushes

  • Kids grab onto Charlotte’s legs
    Morgan greets
    Oliver finds a statue provocatively bathing herself
  • “Morgan needs to see this statue.”
    • 4 foot statue that’s made of marble
      Morgan introduces herself to the kids

Skarra attempts to pick the lock, but fails to pick the standard lock
Charlotte picks up little girl and leads children out of the maze

  • Morgan comes along

Skarra unlocks door and opens door

  • Opens up to a long hallway with storage shelves, farm implements, etc.
  • Stairs going up
  • Same level path to the left
    Charlotte encounters a skeleton with a good sword and chain mail on the way out of the maze
  • Children gasp
    Skeleton attacks Morgan for 6 DAM

Skarra takes the path to the left

  • Finds a door in a sitting room
    • Door reads Mens Restroom
      Charlotte must break the little girl’s grapple to set her down
  • Decides to let Morgan handle the skeleton
    Oliver readies a potion and goes up behind Skarra
  • Sees landscape/seascape pictures and a suit of armor
    Morgan hits skeleton and kills it with 19 DAM
  • Loot chain shirt and short sword

Skarra runs out of the room and finds a fancy stairway going up

  • Keeps going and finds a shuttered fireplace in a study/library
  • Dark floating shadow without a distinct form in the middle of the room
    • It has a skeletal shape, hands and a mouth
    • Skarra hears babbling voices (Allip)
    • Shadow turns to Skarra
  • “I am spooked”
    Charlotte repositions little girl to be piggy backed to give her the ability to attack next time
    Morgan fails INT roll and needs Charlotte’s help to avoid getting lost in the maze
    Oliver takes blood root potion
  • Oliver succeeds Will roll entering roll against Alip

Alip attacks Skarra, but misses
Skarra flurries hitting once and 3 DAM makes it through incorporeal condition
Charlotte and Morgan are at the edge of the maze

  • Boy says he can get the little girl home safe
    • Girl is still clinging to Charlotte
  • Girl is reluctant, but agrees
    • Holds boys hand
  • Morgan says she’d feel more comfortable if someone accompanied them to a safe place
    • Escorts the kids back home

Alip attacks Skarra (Will save of 19 is successful)

  • Babbles at Skarra
    Charlotte re-enters the maze to rejoin the party
  • She is 72 squares away from the doorway (6 turns to get to the door)

Skarra flurries for 6 DAM and 7 DAM (Halved because of incorporeal)
Oliver hits for 16 DAM (Halved because of incorporeal)
Alip crits against Olivier doing 4 WIS DAM plus 1 WIS drain

  • Oliver now has a WIS of 5

Skarra flurries for 5 DAM and 5 DAM (Halved because of incorporeal)
Alip hits Oliver for 2 WIS DAM

Skarra flurries for 5 and 6 DAM (Halved because of incorporeal)
Oliver hides behind the corner and hopes the Alip ignored him
Alip misses Skarra

Skarra flurries for 5 DAM
Oliver spring attacks from around the corner for 17 DAM (halved because of incorporeal)

  • Alip shrieks and starts floating away from Skarra

Skarra closes and hits for 3 DAM
Oliver tries to spring attack only to discover Alip has moved out of range
Alip goes to the corner and turns

  • Skarra

Skarra closes on Alip in the corner and hits for 7 DAM

  • Alip poofs apart
    Oliver sits and babbles
  • Wisdom score of 3
    • Rarely notices important or prominent items, people, or occurrences

Charlotte finds Skarra and Oliver

  • Finds books on interest
    • Encyclopedia of medical knowledges
    • Encyclopedia of medicines
    • Random notes on leather (See Skarra loot notes)
      • Notices that leather isn’t standard seal leather
        • human skin

Book gives +2 to skill to identify to undead


  • Pouch with warding salt to protect against evil undead/incorporeal crossing the line
    • enough for a 15 foot line

Party goes to the Mens room

  • relatively nice rest room
    Oliver just keeps walking and finds a sitting room
  • Walks straight and finds the main hallway

There’s a metal table that has a wood table top blocking the main door

  • Table is valuable

Oliver drags the table away from the front door and unlocks it

  • Opens the door and sees the way out is clear
    Charlotte goes across the hallway to the Womens waiting room and then the womens restroom

Big room with a mosaic of geometry on the floor

  • Floating black shadow in the room
  • Will saves are OK for Skarra and Oliver, Charlotte is fascinated for 6 rounds
    Skarra tells Oliver to go back to the bathroom and hide

Skarra hits for 3 DAM
Oliver shakes Charlotte tells her to protect him from the Alip
Charlotte critically succeeds attack against Alip, but the bullet passes right through
Alip misses Skarra

Skarra flurries, but misses
Oliver moves behind Skarra trying to hide from Alip
Charlotte uses her shadow ammunition

Skarra hits for 7 DAM
Oliver keeps his distance
Charlotte hits Alip for 12 DAM
Alip attacks Charlotte for 1 WIS DAM

Charlotte reloads, shoots and critically misses Alip

  • Skarra reflex save is good to avoid being shot by Charlotte
    Alip attacks Skarra, but misses

Spooky Xylophone noise is coming from the unexplored portion of the house

Charlotte shoots Alip for 10 DAM (divided by 2 for incorporeal)
Alip hits Charlotte (successful Will save) negates effect

Skarra flurries for 7 DAM

  • Alip babbles more frantically
    Oliver spring attacks and critically succeeds
  • Does 46 DAM (divided by 2 for incorporeal)
    • Alip dies horribly

Unarmed skeleton dressed as a waiter enters the room

Skarra moves behind skeleton to flank with Oliver
Charlotte shoots skeleton for 8 DAM and kills skeleton


  • pocket watch that isn’t ticking (Charlotte took it)

Clearing last part of the house

  • Find kitchen
  • Door going to the garden

Locked, human sized door

  • dumb waiter big enough for a person
    • It goes both up and down
    • More of an elevator than a dumb waiter

Skarra scouts ahead and sees the stairs from the 2nd floor to the 3rd is broken

  • Sees dust rolling around
  • Big bedroom
  • 2nd big bedroom

Oliver hears giggling directly behind him

  • “Hello?”
    More giggles
    Oliver opens the door where the noise seems to be coming from
  • Large bathroom
  • Sees a well dressed ghostly boy hanging out by a 2 person tub
    Oliver: “Hi, my name is Oliver.”
    Ghost: “I’m not supposed to say his name to strangers, but I’m also supposed to be polite. Since you gave me your name, I’ll tell you my name is Wilson Dunwich.”
    Wilson says he doesn’t have any brothers, but rather a sister.
  • The current Dunwich brothers are not well liked by Wilson
    Wilson says they never play with him and asks Oliver if he wants to play.
  • Oliver decides to ask Charlotte and Skarra to play, too

Skarra steps into the hallway and sees Wilson

  • Wilson wants to play hide and seek
    • Wilson hides
    • Promises to stay on the 2nd floor

Party finds a sitting room

  • Oliver opens the armoire
    • Games, bag of jacks, ghost boy
      • Oliver grabs bag of jacks
        Charlotte uses scope to scan the rooms the party has already been in
  • Finds a smeared patch (trail) from the bathroom down the hall and towards

Oliver and company go past main hallway with the large stairway

  • Opens the door to a high quality lounge
    • It’s adjacent to a luxury bedroom with woodworked
  • Giggle is heard from somewhere adjacent

Oliver looks under the bed and hears more giggling
Oliver looks in the armoire and hears “nope!” from somewhere
Skarra finds 3 full sets of real silverware

Across the hall

  • Small sitting room (practical)
    • Servants quarters
      Checking out 2nd of 2 servants bedroom, 2 ghostly smears
  • Bunk beds

Giggling is louder in this room

  • There’s an unexplored hallway adjacent to this room

Skarra checks out the dumb waiter
Oliver checks out the small 5×25 storage room adjacent that room

  • Finds Wilson in the very back of the hallway
    Wilson is very excited and shouts, “again, again!”
  • Teleports away and temperature drops noticeably

Charlotte and Skarra decide to go to the 3rd floor

  • It gets hotter as they go past the center hallway then it gets cold as they start walking up the stairs
    Oliver keeps looking for Wilson
  • He also feels the heat and decides to follow the heat to try to find Wilson
  • Sweats after entering the room
    • Approaches the bed to look under the bed
    • Uncomfortably hot and takes 1 fire DAM

Charlotte and Skarra go to the top of the stairs and make Fortitude saves

  • Skarra fails Fort save and takes 3 Cold DAM
  • Hear phantom voice in their heads that sound like sobbing

Skarra remains and Charlotte retreats downstairs

  • Skarra sees a long hall
    Skarra makes another Fort save
  • Cold and shivering, but takes no addition DAM

Skarra finds a door (closet) that sticks

  • Opens it and hears a shriek
  • Hears something that seems like “Too much noise! Be quiet.”

Translucent and skeletal creature

  • Female
  • Attacks Skarra
  • Skarra fails a Will save and feels female’s invisible hands on her neck choking her

Skarra is currently suffocating

  • Fails Will save and is suffocating
    Apparition attacks Skarra
  • Skarra fails a Fort Save and takes 1 point of CON DAM
    Charlotte tries another room
    Oliver checks the fireplace
  • It’s very hot and the doors are stuck
  • Oliver muscles open the door
  • Finds a desiccated and
    • It looks like he was clawing at the door
    • “Found me!”
      • Temperature differences are gone
        Oliver Finds a key on a necklace
  • Signant Ring with a stylized D
    • Platinum

Skarra makes a save and notices she is choking herself

  • Ghost lady is still there, but she has taken a few steps back
    • Wears maid outfit
    • Her hands are out like she wants to strangle Skarra again
      Skarra summons her ax back to herself and agitates ghost lady
  • Sheaths ax
  • “Shhh! I’m trying to be quiet.”
    Apparition hits Skarra for 1 point of CON DAM
  • Will save fails
    • Chokes herself, but realizes what’s going on and stops

Charlotte rushes back upstairs

  • Sees ghost lady and shoots her for 6 DAM
    • As soon as the gun goes off, but before the bullet hits she starts to freak out
      Skarra flurries for 3 DAM (half for incorporeal)
      Apparition (Ghost Lady) swoops at Charlotte and misses

Charlotte reloads and fires again

  • hits for 3 DAM
    Apparition hits Charlotte for 1 CON DAM
    Oliver does spring attack for 24 DAM (half for incorporeal)
  • Apparition poofs out of existence
    Skarra tries to say “She was a bitch” in a very loud voice, but discovers she is mute
    Charlotte is also mute

Oliver asks what’s up?

Skarra opens a door

  • Ladylike room with a bathroom adjacent
  • 5 bolts of silk that’s valuable (3# ea.)
    • It goes into the handy haversack

Oliver starts riffling through the bathroom drawers making noise

  • Skarra hears a familiar shriek
  • Skarra gets Oliver’s attention and gets him to be quiet
    Ghost Lady (Apparition) appears in the bathroom and
  • Skarra moves up to her and gets her attention

Skarra attempts to move past her and open an previously unopened door

  • The knob turns
  • Ghost Lady is paying close attention to Skarra
  • Door shows resistance and makes noise

Ghost lady attacks Skarra and takes 1 CON DAM and rolls vs Will to choke

  • Skarra successfully
    Charlotte shoots ghost lady
    Ghost lady hits Charlotte for 1 CON

Oliver attacks for 21 DAM (half for incorporeal)

  • Ghost lady poofs away again

Skarra goes across the hall to another room

  • Child’s playroom
  • Dollhouse of the Dunwich mansion

Charlotte and Oliver go to the hallway while Skarra explores the kids room

Skarra finds a corpse of a woman and a corpse of a baby

  • Hands of the woman are around the baby’s neck
    • Woman’s mouth is open like she is yelling at the baby

Charlotte opens a door and finds a study/library/man cave

  • Big wooden desk worth lots of money
    • Matching wooden chair
  • Disassembled pocket watch on a table
    Oliver opens the master bedroom with wooden post bed
  • Numerous armoire
    • Cots/duffle bags

Skarra rolls a nat 20

  • Some ghost or hauntings are associated with an action
    • One solution is to burn the corpse
    • Clerics could sanctify the corpse
    • Dunk corpse in holy water

Skarra begins to try to light the woman’s corpse on fire

  • Apparition/ghost woman manifests

Charlotte explores the study and finds a safe that’s locked

Oliver explores the master bedroom

  • High quality nobility clothing
    • Enough for everyone to have one set of best quality clothing

Skarra tries to strike a flame

  • Ghost lady starts screaming and attacks Skarra

Charlotte finds a journal

  • Talks about how the owner John, (father of the 2 brothers), was thinking about selling the house because of the horrible history of the house
  • Charlotte grabs the journal and starts heading out

Skarra continues to try to light the woman’s corpse on fire

Oliver swings and misses ghost lady

  • Oliver drops his weapon and starts choking himself
    Skarra continues to try to light ghost lady on fire
    Charlotte keeps searching and looks through hall closet

Old Lady attacks Skarra
Charlotte continues searching house

  • Finds small box of jewelry (locked with the key in it)
    • High quality, but simple
    • Worth 100 gp (claimed by Charlotte)

Oliver has been choking himself and actually manages to damage himself for 3 DAM by rolling a 1
Ghost Lady attacks Skarra and Skarra takes 1 point of CON DAM

  • Skarra is down 4 CON

Skarra keeps adding sparks to the woman corpse (1d4 DAM to corpse)

  • Some are catching (1d6 DAM moving forward)
    Charlotte ignores the shrieking and decides to pick out noble’s clothing instead

Skarra gets hit again for 1 CON damage
Oliver has been choking himself for 8 rounds
Charlotte finally decides to join the battle

Skarra manages to start the woman’s corpse catches on fire

  • Ghost Lady starts flailing about in a death dance

There’s something in the corpse ashes

  • Set of keys (Doors downstairs)
  • Dumb waiter

Wilson’s key is different than woman’s keys

Charlotte leads Oliver to the study and they try the key on the safe

  • It works
  • Small bars of gold (40)
    • Printed with a stamp saying they are worth 50 gp each
    • Deed of the property
    • Property line maps
    • Notice that there is a grave yard on the property

Study also has

  • Dueling pistol
  • High quality rifle
  • Hunting Knife

The whole house has been unlocked and explored except the dumbwaiter going down

There’s a brush pile immediately outside the kitchen

  • Oliver kicks it around looking for a reason the junk is randomly so close to the house

Golem behind the bush in the back comes to life

Skarra attacks bush 2 DAM
golem misses Skarra
Charlotte shoots for 6 DAM

Skarra blocks movement for bush
golem hits Oliver for 6 DAM plus a Fort save

Skarra hits for 1 DAM
golem hits Skarra for 4 DAM

  • Skarra fails Fort save and gets Filth Fever
    • (onset in 2 days)
    • 1 DEX and 1 CON damage upon onset
      Charlotte misfires
      Oliver hits for 18 DAM
  • golem is significantly damaged

Skarra hits for 2 DAM
golem attacks and throws a piece of itself
Oliver hits for 23 DAM

  • fails reflex save and gets covered with goo
    • Maze is completely clear now

Party decides to explore the basement

  • There’s a 1 passenger and a ladder option

Oliver takes party Cure Moderate Wounds (2d8+3)

  • Recovers 14 HP

Skarra jumps down the hole
Oliver and Charlotte follow

  • Jarred food stock
  • Low 6’ ceiling

Skarra continues to remain impatient

  • finds where necromancer made his golems
  • Jars of people parts (eyes, brains, etc.)

Skarra sees rats gnawing on body parts

Find a hole leaving the basement

  • Path has been dug out and reinforced, but it’s pretty small
    Opens up into well lit room (crypt)
  • Stone coffins with names and a simple sketch on the outside of contents
    • High end servants burial

Skarra hears something coming from the room

Skarra goes forward and finds Necromancer looking down the stairs
Necromancer points at Skarra and an arrow of acid narrowly misses her
Skarra Throws her ax and does 5 DAM to Necromancer

  • Necromancer curses
    Oliver closes on Necromancer
    Charlotte scans room with her scope
  • Sees an invisible man with a crossbow aimed at her
  • Distance is 40 ft
    • Shoots with a normal hit and surprises crossbow man for 9 DAM
      Crossbow man shoots at the flat footed Charlotte
  • Crossbow man just misses and loses his invisibility

Necromancer casts a spell on Oliver

  • Oliver is affected by Hold Person
    Skarra does a stunning fist vs necromancer
  • 6 DAM and 4 bleed
    • Necromancer is not stunned
      Charlotte repositions for partial cover
      Crossbowman shoots Charlotte for 4 DAM plus Fort Save (Success)
  • Drops crossbow, draws a short sword and closes on Charlotte

Necromancer bleeds 4 DAM

  • Does touch attack against Skarra (Vampiric Touch) of 7 DAM
  • Necromancer is no longer bleeding
    Skarra flurries and does 4 DAM and 3 bleeding
    Charlotte shoots short swordsman with deadly aim (piranha strike) for 7 DAM
    short swordsman misses Charlotte

Necromancer swipes at Skarra, but misses
Skarra crits for 3 DAM
Charlotte reloads
Short swordsman miss

Necromancer swipes at Skarra, but misses
Skarra notices something dark in a hole in the wall behind necromancer
Skarra misses
Charlotte uses Deadly Aim, but misses
Short swordsman casts a spell on Charlotte

  • Acid Arrow does 6 DAM

Necromancer bleeds for 3 DAM

  • Necromancer attempts to touch Skarra, but misses
    Skarra chases the Necromancer back and hits for 3 DAM
  • Notices a combination of a blob and a human stuck on the back wall
    • Disjointed pointy face with the arms stuck to the wall
      Short swordsman casts a spell vs Charlotte (Fort Save) is successful
  • STR penalty of 3 for 3 rounds

Necromancer bleeds for 3 DAM

  • Attempts to touch Skarra, but misses
    Oliver suffers his final round of paralysis
    Skarra hits once for 1 DAM
    Charlotte uses Deadly Aim, but misses
    Short swordsman misses

Necromancer casts a spell against Skarra (Will Save) (Saves)

  • Shaken for 1 round
    Oliver recovers, moves into flanking position and hits Necromancer for 19 DAM
  • Necromancer says “Brother, help me.”
    Skarra hits for 3 DAM
    Short swordsman misses

Necromancer backs up and says please help

  • Attempts ranged touch attack to Skarra
    • Green acid misses Skarra
      Oliver moves to make flanking easier for Skarra, but misses
      Skarra flurries 4 DAM plus 6 DAM plus 4 bleeding
  • Necromancer screams as he dies
    Charlotte shoots short swordsman for 11 DAM
    Short swordsman misses

Blobby thing is reaching for the necromancer

  • Oliver pulls the necromancer away
    Skarra moves up to blobby thing and punch
  • No DAM is taken
    Short swordsman misses Charlotte

Blobby thing starts to gag and vomit up things

  • Throws up 6 skeletons
    Oliver hits a skeleton for 15 DAM
    Skarra flurries against blobby thing
  • 7 DAM plus 1 bleed
    Charlotte shoots short swordsman for 4 DAM
    Short swordsman misses Charlotte

Blobby thing attacks Skarra from 10 feet away
Skeletons attack Skarra twice and Oliver once
Skarra flurries and attacks 2 Skeletons

  • Hits one for 4 DAM and kills one
    Charlotte reloads
    Short swordsman finally hits Charlotte for 3 DAM (Fort Save) fails
  • Charlotte is poisoned with blood root poison
    • 1d4+1 DAM for 3 rounds
    • Charlotte is at -1 HP
      • Has Never Stop Shooting, so she stays on her feet

Blobby thing (Dunwich Horror) swings at Skarra and hits for 4 DAM

  • Skarra is bloodied
    Oliver kills a skeleton
    Skarra does a flurry on skeleton and kills it
    Charlotte shoots short swordsman and he drops
  • Charlotte takes 1 DAM for taking a standard action
    • Charlotte is -2 HP
  • Charlotte succeed 2nd Fort save vs poison and takes no further DAM
  • Charlotte collapses and is unconscious and dying
    • Charlotte is -3 HP

Dunwich Horror hits and does 1 DAM to Skarra

  • Nasty looking maw
    Oliver uses Spring Attack vs Dunwich Horror 15 DAM
    Skarra flurries with axes and does 5 DAM
  • Dunwich Horror gurgles and deflates
    Charlotte fails to stabilize

Oliver goes to look for Charlotte and sees she’s down

  • Oliver yells for Skarra to help
    Charlotte stabilizes

Loot (Will be emailed post game) (At least 2 magic weapons)

Oliver makes a mental note to bring Morgan back to look at woman bathing statue
Oliver/Charlotte collect noble clothing for Morgan

Ability Damages disappear after 24 hour

  • Clerics will be available for Oliver restoration of WIS drain

Party will be leveling up before next game



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