Aquaculture and plants

Due to the high percentage of water on Spira, the main source of farming is Aquaculture.

Long fibrous stem with edible leafy portion.
Grows in shallow salt or fresh water. Tastes like spinach. Can be eaten raw or cooked.
The stem can be processed to make hemp like material used in rough cloth or rope. Farmed

Octopus Kelp
A variation of the standard kelp that grows in calm and murky water. The strands are significantly tougher and have small burrs that can catch on clothing or flesh. Can drown people who get tangled up in it. Edible but has an unpleasant taste to it.

A lily that floats on the water with a bright yellow flower. Water world version of the sunflower. The seeds are edible. Grows in calm shallow water. Farmed

A water lily that has a bright red flower with yellow and orange streaks. Tastes like a pepper when cooked. Raw it has a pollen that acts as an itching powder that feels like you are being burned. The pollen can be processed to produce some medicines. Farmed

A floating plant that is basically a floating tumble weed. Can be found in the open ocean or collecting along beaches. Its leaves and bulbs have a high water content. Often collected on the open water to augment water source. Has similar taste and uses to aloe. Collected.

A black mushroom that grows on floating driftwood. Has a mild narcotic effect similar to tobacco and has similar uses. Farmed.

Terrestrial Plants
Small fiberous weed that grows in rock cracks underground or in shadowy areas. Aether sensitive and can be found by looking for small glowing spots similar to fireflies. When dried and powdered it can be used to make potions and tonics that deal with the Aether. Farmed with difficulty, generally collected. Fireflies tend to gather on the plant, giving it its name.

Medium sized hanging plant that grows off of walls or hangs from the ceiling. Grows anywhere well shaded or dark. Produces as number of plum sized fruit that glow light blue at about a candlelight level. Its fruit and juice will glow for a short amount of time after picked. Often used as natural lighting for exterior housing. Tastes like a slightly sour plum. Farmed and collected. Can be made into a weak wine.

Glowing Mushroom
A white and blue mushroom that grows underground. It glows. Not edible.

Dark purple and red vine that occasionally grows on corpses left to rot. Has some magical properties if processed. Generally seen as an ill omen.

Deep red beet like plant. Can be found growing in shadowy areas. Has medical properties. If eaten raw it causes the body to significantly increase the natural healing process with some side effects. Can be processed to become more potent or reduce side effects.

Aquaculture and plants

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