The Races



Your basic human. Capable of almost anything. Most are sensitive to the Aether in some fashion or another.
The humans of The Maw tend to be the most focused on intellectual pursuits. Many humans find themselves naturally gifted in the construction and crafting of objects.

Human Classes:
All classes are available if you can make the background fit with the theme of the adventure.

As the human race with the added bonus:

Prerequisites: None.
Benefit: Member of this race gain a +2 racial bonus on all Craft or Profession checks to create objects from metal or stone.



Pronounced KAY-nin. Half Human half beast. Physically stronger and tougher than humans. Tough coarse hair protects their body with large teeth and blunt claws. Families are “Packs” with a strict hierarchy based on ability. Each family is lead by an Alpha (leader) and an Omega (spiritual leader). Their leaders do not have to be Canin. A large pack of Canin follow the God-King and work in the Marines. Canin can be both brutal and extremely protective, but are generally easy going to the point of occasional laziness. Omnivorous.

Canin politics are simple in concept, complex in execution. Standing in the pack is extremely important and the lower ranks are expected to listen and follow the higher ranking. However the higher ranks are expected to protect and care for those under them. A leader who does not do so is often replaced in a violent manner. Canin are welcoming to those of other races but generally keep to themselves when it comes to politics. The Canin language is a complex series of body language, growls, yips, barks, and howls. Other races can learn the language but my find it embarrassing or difficult to imitate some of the body language due to the lack of ears and a tail.

Colors: Light gray and white to brown and black.

Allowed Classes:

Use the Half-Orc favored class bonus for the class.
Has access to spells or feats that require Orc or Half-Orc as a prereq.

Canin- Wolf Folk -pronounced – “CANE-in”
Medium Humanoid
Base Speed: 30
Ability scores: +2 STR, +2 Wis, -2 INT
Languages: common, canin, others if they have high int.
Natural Armor (2 RP)
Benefit: Members of this race gain a +1 natural armor bonus to their Armor Class.

Howl(2 RP) –
Benefit: A number of times per day equal to your Charisma bonus, you can let out a howl as a swift action. When you do, allies within 30 feet who can hear you gain a +1 morale bonus on attack rolls and a +4 morale bonus on saving throws against fear. This effect lasts for your level + Cha bonus, minimum of 1 round.

Howl can be replaced with:
Canin Ferocity: Once per day, when a Canin is brought below 0 hit points but not killed, they can fight on for 1 more round as if disabled. At the end of their next turn, unless brought to above 0 hit points, he immediately falls unconscious and begins dying.

Claws (2 RP)
Benefit: Members of this race receive two claw attacks that deal 1d4 each. These are primary natural attacks. The damage is based on the creature’s size.

Scent (4 RP)
Benefit: Members of this race gain the scent ability.



While not undead, they are pale skin, long lived, and have a taste for blood. Generally attractive, they tend to use their charms and intelligence to manipulate things in their favor. Most Dhampir tend to be graceful and quick. They enjoy situations where they can use their wits and charms to get both into and out of trouble. A fascination with wealth and power cause many to seek positions of power in either business or government. Families of Dhampir are Clans and are lead by either a Patriarch or Matriarch.

Dhampir politics are complicated and always changing. Families that are allies on the surface can be feuding in secret or trying to usurp the others power. Alternatively some families are steadfast in their loyalty to others due to circumstances in the past.

Dhampirs can have as diverse of appearance as humans, other than pale skin and a tendency towards the slim side.

Most Dhampir are incapable of magic. However those that are, tend to be limited in the scope of their magic. If you are interested in a Dhampir character that can cast magic, double check with the DM.

Bard – Limited spell choices
Ranger – Limited spell choices
Sorcerer – Limited spell choices
Oracle – Limited Spell choices
Warpriest – Limited Spell choices

Stats as listed:
But does NOT have the darkvision.

An abomination is a living being that has somehow been twisted by magic or other dark means. They appear as a grotesque version of their base race. Hostile and destructive, they are one of the main dangers that the Marines protect the people against. Not a PC race.

Undead are common and naturally can form if a body or spirit is not put to rest properly. Often times they have characteristics of what caused them to die. Each type has its own way that it needs to be disposed of.

Rumors of humans that live on the great continents are of savages that eat each other and worship dark gods.

The Races

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