The Science

The world of Spira has a blend of science and magic.

Some of the science breakthroughs in the world of Spira are:

The Aether
A world wide invisible ‘cloud’ of electric energy. If able to be tapped into, it can provide electrical power that can generate a small electrical current almost anywhere. Some natural points and lay-lines allow for the concentration of deadly currents.

Occasionally at night it can produce an Aetherstorm that will daze and/or fascinate those who do not use some form of eye protection and watch the storm.

Most humans and some animals can naturally tap into this source of energy and manipulate it to create almost magical results. Most humans require some form of technology to do so. The Aethergauntlet and Long-guns use the Aether in this manner to work. Some people have been said to manipulate it without using technology.

Rare and dangerous to produce. Mostly used as basic charges for mining. Some crazy people may have found a way to turn it into ballistic weapons.

Intricate machines that use springs, counterweights, and gears to create anything from clocks to music machines. Ancient machines and contraptions are occasionally found in pieces deep underground or underwater. Some have been fixed and are things of wonder. Others are best left broken.

Engineering is relatively advanced on Spira. Humans have created everything from airships and dirigibles to basic submersible vehicles, weapons that use the Aether in destructive ways, and have made buildings that will last for centuries. If the resources are available, almost anything can be built.

A relatively new combination of technology and magic. Uses spirits collected by witches to act as a battery to generate power where Aether is either unpractical or impossible. The results are amazing, the failures more so. Generally feared by the general public.

abundant – found and mined easily
found in pockets and veins in chambers in the spires as well as loose materials dredged up from the ocean floor
cheap – used as common currency (1 copper = 1 Cent)
Conducts electricity generated by sources
can interact with spirits if energy is being conducted through it in minor ways – will transmit charge to spirit
can be used as shielding for airships and armor against Tesla (electricity) shots and Blast (concussive) shots
low strength but requires little maintenance (does not easily corrode)

Common but not as common as copper – amounts are often found with copper veins
used as currency – 100 copper = 1 Silver
conducts electricity better than copper, but more expensive and requires much more maintenance due to the fact that it tarnishes
Can interact with spirits to greater effect with a charge through it – higher transfer
can interact with spirits without charge to a minor effect – minor physical transfer (cold damage?)
Does full damage do Wolf People and Vampires
Can be blessed by an Ectomancer to interact with spirits at a highly effective level
can be used as shielding for airships and armor against Tesla (electricity) shots and Blast (concussive) shots – more maintenance and more expensive
Better strength and higher efficiency, but requires multiple amounts of maintenance

Some veins found in pockets in the spires
used as jewelry and ornamentation
can be used in circuits but usually as bragging rights or in specific cases
can be used as shielding for airships and armor against Tesla (electricity) shots and Blast (concussive) shots
Used as currency – 100 silver = 1 gold

iron ore is found in pockets in spires and occasionally dredged from the ocean floor
more refinement is needed for iron
relatively common
can be refined into steel
raw iron “burns” spirits – highly effective against them
physically stronger (but heavier) than precious metals and used for armor in some cases. – only stops spirits, some necromancy, and physical

Refined from iron
used in some armor
expensive due to the process needed to produce it
specific families control methods
often folded into damascus weapons with precious metals or iron to produce high quality weapons and armor to get physical and non physical protection.
some airships use it as armor – but very expensive – only private ships mostly

produced by silk weavers
Strong and useful
can ‘shield’ a person from all forms of energy (partially – diffuses it)
comes in different qualities/color depending on age of weaver
Higher spectrum = better protection
color seen as slight tinge, brightens while diffusing energy, color is mostly white
common clothing material
used to line armor often
common armor is padded silk tunic
lower qualities (yellow, orange, red) often dyed and used for clothing mostly due to poor protection qualities

collected as driftwood, or occasionally dredged up from ocean if log or tree sunk
different species of wood can cost more or less depending on quality
Only locally harvested wood is from a bamboo like plant that grows near the water.

common food or form of twine – plant material (hemp)

Seal skins
can be tanned to leather
water proof
Seals are semi domesticated in farms

The Science

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