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All Clockwork weapons are masterwork – IN THE WORKS

Clockwork Stinger
A Clockwork Stringer is essentially a more complex crossbow. It uses tension, springs, and pullies along with some cleaver gear-work to shoot smaller bolts with nearly the force of a traditional crossbow. However, the stinger can holds two bolts and can fire them in succession before reloading, or fire them both at the same target. The Stinger requires a full round action to reload.

Clockwork Stinger, Hand 1d4 19-20/x2 30 ft. 2 lbs. P

Clockwork Stinger, Light: 70 gp 1d8 per bolt 19-20/x2 80 ft. 8 lbs. P

Clockwork Stinger, Heavy: 100 gp 1d10 per bolt 19-20/x2 120 ft. 12 lbs. P


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Blast gauntlets are the creation of combining science and magic. They use metallurgy and crystallography to focus the Aether into a tangible elemental force.

While many inhabitants of The Maw are familiar with more common uses of such technology like lighting or basic refrigeration, it does have some major military uses.

A common weapon of the middle class, a Blast Gauntlet is a combination of 4 pieces that are worn on a user’s hand:

The Crystal is both the power source and the core of the gauntlet,
The Lens focuses the energy into the desired ‘shape’ of blast,
The Rig is how it is worn on the hand, and how much waste heat the gauntlet can handle,
The Cage is how the gauntlet sheds its excess heat before harming the user.

A user can either custom order a gauntlet to suit their needs, or if one is skilled in the making and science of the gauntlets (craft: Blast Gauntlet) they can make their own.


Common Crystals types and their damage type:
Ruby – Fire
Sapphire – Cold
Topaz – Electrical

Rubys are the most common gem to use as a weapon. Sapphire’s are used mainly for refrigeration or fire suppression, but the occasional one will be used in a weapon. Topaz are mainly used for electricity generation, but again they can be used as a rather potent weapon. Other gems are known to be used.

Crystals have 3 different qualities that are central to the amount of power they can generate:

Minor 1d4 1 50
Major 1d6 2 500
Empowered 1d8 3 5000

The Crystals have 5 different cuts that can influence the amount of ‘power’ they can output:

Chipped -2
Flawed -1
Normal 0
Flawless +1
Perfect +2

Pre-made gauntlets always have a normal gem in place. Higher or lower cuts of gems can be sold or used according to their stats. Any gems that are mined or found are rolled on a d10 to determine their cut. Chip 1, Flawed 2, Normal 3-8, Flawless 9, Perfect 10.


There are three common Lens available for gauntlets:

TYPE EFFECT RANGE (m/M/E) Dmg change Heat charge
Basic Shoots a small bolt (ray) of energy at its target 30/60/90 n/a n/a
Diffused Spreads out energy into a cone shape 30/60/900 Xd – 1 +1
Focused Narrows energy into a thin powerful line 15/30/45 Xd + 1 +1

Diffused and Focused lenses add 100 gp per quality of the gem to the total price.


The Rig is simply what everything attaches to and holds it to the person’s arm. It also is the main storage for the heat of the weapon while firing.

Light 3 1
Standard 6 4
Heavy 12 9

Heavy rigs are rarely used in personal weapons due to the sheer size of them. They are often used as mounted weapons or systems. Larger rigs are possible, but they are rather bulky and difficult to move around.

The cage is what dissipates the “heat” of the gauntlet to protect the user. Basic gauntlets do not have a cage, its rig providing enough of a sink to afford a couple consecutive uses before beginning to overheat. Cages can be added to help shed the heat to help the user. Some also can provide other uses such as providing light, or even helping as a form of defense in some manner.

None 1/turn n/a
Basic 2/turn 1.0
Advanced 3/turn 1.5

Cages tend to use semi-precious and rare metals to achieve their heat loss or gain. Some very rare metals may have additional benefits.



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